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Dec 13, 2021
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Staff Golf Bags: A Basic Guide for Golfers

Staff bags (also called tour bags) are, without a doubt, the largest and heaviest option. They are robust, durable, and offer every feature a golfer needs to play comfortably on the fairway. As a result, they are usually only a viable option for those looking to take the sport seriously. 

Although every PGA Tour pro golfer uses a staff bag, that's not to say you can't use one too. Please continue reading below to learn more about staff bags and whether they're the right option for your playing style.

What Is a Staff Golf Bag?

Staff bags are often considered the most luxurious due to their durability and vast pockets and features. They come with numerous sections for apparel, balls, tees, notepads, and everything a golfer needs to play their best. They also tend to be made from solid materials, such as leather, nylon, or canvas.

The average weight of a staff bag is around ten pounds without clubs or equipment. When you compare it to other smaller options, such as stand bags (five pounds), you can see that they are significantly larger.

This weight can drag down some golfers and mess with their game. A twisted back is never a good look on the course.

Although pros don't need to worry about it since they use a caddie. The caddie handles all the carrying, and they make sure everything they need to win is packed away.

That said, the benefits are still good enough to make them an excellent choice for some players. 

What's The Difference Between a Cart Bag and a Staff Bag?

Cart bags are another popular choice for golfers. Their most apparent benefit is the ability to fit on a cart (hence the name) easily. Many golfers prefer a cart bag if they don't want to lug their clubs around the course. 

For starters, cart bags are marginally smaller than tour bags. They are also much lighter, weighing only around seven pounds on average. Moreover, they typically have a giant rubber base to cling to electric or pushcarts effectively.  

Cart bags tend to be lacking in the features department when compared to tour bags. While they come with a decent number of pockets and enough for your clubs, staff bags offer more. 

That said, you may not require an extensive list of features if you're playing for fun or not too frequently.

Do Staff Bags Fit on Golf Carts? 

Due to their large design, staff bags are tough to fit on most push and electric carts. Since they're primarily designed to be used by pros, staff bags are much easier to be carried by a person. 

Even if you can fit your staff bag on a cart, it's usually best not to. Since cart beds are too small to fit a large staff bag, it will dig into them and cause general damage. Furthermore, you don't want to damage an expensive electric golf cart.

Stick with carrying your bag over your shoulders to avoid wear and tear and ensure your bag lasts as long as you need it. 

Are Staff Golf Bags Worth It?

Although staff bags unquestionably come with some limitations, don't write them off completely.

There are times when playing with a staff bag can come in handy. For example, someone who wants to start taking golf more seriously could mimic how PGA pros play the game. You might also want to opt for a tour bag if you have a lot of equipment to take on the course. 

Furthermore, if you want a luxurious golf bag but don't mind carrying it around the course, then, by all means, check out staff bags. You'll get everything you need and more from a golf bag, enhancing your comfort and flexibility on the fairway. 

With all that in mind, a staff bag might not be worth it if golf is just your Sunday hobby, or you don't want to carry your bag as you play. A cart or stand bag is probably the direction you should go since they are lighter and still offer a wide variety of features. 


Whether staff bags are worth it depends on personal preference. Some golfers love them, and others don't think they're necessary. Overall, they are incredibly reliable and well-made, making them worth it for some players. 

Consider getting a staff bag if you want to start taking your golf game more seriously.

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