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Dec 16, 2021
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

7 Tips on How To Choose Your First Golf Bag

Golf is a game of accessories. With other sports like basketball, football, and baseball, all you need is a team and a ball. With golf, you need a bit more.

You need your ball, you need a course, and you need your clubs - your irons, your wedges, and your putters. And you can't forget about the golf bag.

Ask any pro golfer, and they'll tell you - a good golf bag is a secret to a perfect game. Your golf bag does so much more than hold your clubs. A good choice allows you to travel, it saves you money, and it'll keep your back from lugging a heavy sack of clubs from link to link.

Here are Stitch Golf's seven best tips for choosing your first golf bag.

1) Consider How Often You Play

Are you a summer player, or do you play year-round? Are you a seasoned pro who can pick up the game after a long break and kill it, or do you need constant practice?

What type of bag you end up choosing will depend in part on how often you play. Sleeker, more portable options are great if you're playing every day and the course is down the street. But they may trade off on desirable features like more storage space, wheels, or a bard shell that protects your clubs. 

Think about how often you're likely to play before you invest in your first golf bag. 

2) Consider Where You Play

Research shows that golf is good for your health, from physical health improvements associated with walking around and lateral swinging to mental and emotional health improvements related to golf's social sides. Any way you cut it, golf is a great pastime to keep in your back pocket. 

Keeping the physical health benefits of the sport in mind, consider where you play before you get a bag. Are the links where you play hilly and vast? Do you often travel to play on different courses? Does it rain where you play, or is it always sunny?

The answers to all these questions will influence what kind of bag you get, on the level of weight, portability, and material.

3) Know Your Budget

This tip seems simple, but it's more complicated than how much money you have to spend. It's more about how much money you're willing to pay. 

If you're looking to maintain your craft, you will play differently than a novice who drives hard at each swing to improve their craft. Your game affects what kind of clubs you buy and what type you buy. And of course, it all affects what you put your clubs in!

You might be willing to spend more on luxury if you've been playing for a long time and want to elevate your style. You might even own multiple, like a cart bag for 18 hole games and a tour bag for traveling.

Either way, know your budget before you start shopping.

4) Golf Bags For Travel

If you plan to travel with your golf bag, two categories are essential to know: soft shell and hard shell.

Where a hard shell case is going to be weightier and sturdier, a soft shell case will be flexible and soft. If you are traveling by car, go with the soft shell. It weighs less and is way easier on the shoulders when you lug it around.

Go with the hard shell case if you're traveling by plane. In that case, you don't have control of how your golf bag is handled once it passes through security into baggage. 

Always make sure your clubs are protected while you travel.

5) If You're a Pro, Only Pay for the Space You Need

We've all heard that practice makes perfect. Recent research suggests that the adage is a scientific fact. You can reach a "perfect" aptitude in whatever sport you set your mind to. But once you reach perfection, you need to practice maintaining your skills.

If you're a veteran golfer, you might only be playing to keep yourself from getting rusty. When choosing a golf bag, pay only for what you need. You know what clubs to bring, you know what you need, and you don't need to bring extras of everything "just in case." 

You've got this, so get a golf bag that reflects that.

6) If You're a Beginner, Leave Room To Grow

If you're decidedly less of a pro than your elders, make an investment in a golf bag that supports you. Pay for those extra pockets, that retractable handle, that detachable shoulder strap, and the waterproof material. 

You may not understand your golfing habits yet, so look for a golf bag that's versatile enough to cover you as you grow.

7) Check if Your Bag is A "Cart Bag"

There are plenty of different types you can choose from: “stands," “tours,” “travels...” But it is essential to determine if you need a cart bag.

"Carts" are golf bags designed exclusively for carriage on the back of a golf cart.

They're suitable for senior golfers because they aren't designed to be lugged around. Since these bags are not carried, they usually come with a battery of accessories and special pockets to store them all in.


What Should I Upgrade First in My Golf Bag?

There are plenty of things you can and should upgrade inside your golf bag. Cleaning the cleats of your shoes, scraping out the grooves of your drivers, and washing or outright replacing your gloves are good places to start.

But when it comes to your golf bag itself, the first upgrade you should make when you find some time is to clean it out. Empty unnecessary items, and you'll be feeling lighter on your feet immediately.

You're likely walking with your bag or pushing a heavy cart inside every week. You don't want your bag loaded down with excess balls, pairs of gloves, pencils, and tees. 

Any golf bag should have at most six golf balls, two pairs of gloves, two scorer's pencils, ten tees, something to mark your ball with, and a rangefinder. Of course, your clubs belong there too--organize the surrounding space, so they have a clean, tidy home to return to after each game.

How Do I Choose the Right Golf Bag?

The only way to choose the perfect golf bag is to know what you need. Determine your budget, learn your habits, and think about how likely you are to travel with your bag.

Once you have those questions answered, you'll know where to start looking.

A Golf Bag You Can Take Anywhere

At Stitch Golf, we believe in shopping for golf gear you can take anywhere. When you're happy enough with a golf bag to take it anywhere, it will take you everywhere.

You deserve to enjoy every game, and that means playing with your new favorite bag!

Invest in something sturdy and sound so that you can focus on the things that matter.