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Dec 01, 2021
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

What Is an A-Wedge in Golf? A Basic Guide

Nestled among the iron wedges lays the mysterious A-Wedge. This elusive club goes by many names and accomplishes many tasks.

You may have heard your friends discuss this wedge, but dance around the specific benefits associated with it. Lucky for you, Stitch Golf has finally compiled a guide to answer all your questions.

We will discuss what this club is, when and where you should use it, and how it fits into the complicated world of wedges.

After reading this article, all your friends at the club will defer to you as the A-Wedge expert!

Let's go!

What Is an “A-Wedge”?

The seasoned golfer knows that the ideal set-up assumes the correct stance, grab the best club, depending on whether they’re swinging on the fairway, greenside, or trap. It’s why before every shot, you should stop and ask yourself, “what is the right club for this setup?” 

If your answer never includes an A-Wedge, then you still have a lot to learn.

Understanding an A-Wedge comes from understanding its name. The A stands for ‘approach,' and that's precisely how you should use it.

This club is a transition between a sand and lob wedge. You won't be sinking putts with this guy, but you also won't be driving halfway across the green with it either. It's all about those tricky in-between shots. 

This club is best to break out when you need to make shorter and softer shots. It’s one of the four main types, with more loft than a pitching wedge and less than a sand wedge.

It is a precision club that even amateurs can embrace and love!

When and Where Is an A-Wedge Used in Golf?

When determining your shot, consider the many As of this wedge: aggressive and accurate approach shots. 

If you're stuck in a bunker and still have a long way to go, this wedge will save you and throw you back into the round. 

This iron can precisely whack a ball on the rough or fairway. Indeed, some people even refer to this club as an ‘attack’ wedge for its targeting capabilities. 

In the hands of a seasoned player, an A-Wedge can take the ball from a bunker 100 yards away to in line for the perfect putt.

The A-Wedge is the go-to choice when you're in a tight spot and need real power to catch up to that under-par score.

What Is the Loft of an A-Wedge?

A good A-Wedge scoops the ball to get it high and far. The loft can range from 49 to 55 degrees. Typically, you'll find a loft of about 52° on this club.

It will probably be one of the highest lofted clubs in your bag. 

What Are Different Golf Wedges Used For?

There is no one single magical wedge that will get you the perfect shot (as much as we wish for that sometimes!)

Every situation demands something unique. Learn the differences in each wedge, and you can select what you need when the time comes. Below, we’ve listed the four main wedges in order of least to most loft.

Pitching Wedge

This club has the lowest loft of any wedge, clocking in around 48° and virtually no bounce. The Pitching Wedge will take you the distance.

When you have to cover 150 yards, it's time to pick up this club. This tough club easily achieves long layups. 

When your ball lands in the sand but hasn't fully buried itself, the Pitching Wedge is a solid choice to cover some distance while escaping the trap.

Gap Wedge

The Gap is another name for the A. You might hear about slight differences between the two, but generally, that comes down to the manufacturer's specifications. 

The term Gap comes from filling in the gap between the lower lofts of a Pitching Wedge and the higher lofts of a Sand Wedge. The Gap fills in that missing middle area.

A newer invention, the gap tends to be more open to interpretation than other clubs. It generally has about 8° of bounce, making it perfect for shots out of tall grass and other hazards.

This club is a great option when considering a pitching wedge but after a shorter distance. 

Sand Wedge

When Gene Sarazen invented the modern Sand Wedge, he changed the game of golf forever. 

Inspired by the lift of an airplane's wings, it has a loft of about 56° and 10° of bounce. Everything in the design is tailor-made to overcome difficult hazards.

These clubs tend to be longer to encourage the player to hit the ground before the ball. The length helps you scoop a ball out of a bunker or sand trap.

Perfect for chipping (height over distance), this club has saved many players stuck in the mud!

Lob Wedge

A Lob will deliver your maximum loft at about 60° and no bounce. Invented by NASA scientist Dave Peltz, the Lob Wedge is built to handle a specific scenario. 

Imagine the putting green surrounded by water on one side and sand on the other, and you're still 50 yards away. A hit with this club launches the ball high into the air and adds a backspin. When the ball lands, it tends to stay in place and settle comfortably on the green.

When you're ready to perfect your chip, try out the Ultra Lob Wedge — this rare club has a loft of 70°! Only break this guy out for the trickiest shots with major height differences.


Now that you're an A-Wedge expert, it's time to take that knowledge to the course! Just make sure you look as good as your swing. 

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