Birdie Bag

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About Our Birdie Bag

The Birdie Bag™ is here and it is the most innovative bag on the market. Searching for a bag that converts from a stylish cooler, to a luxe carry-on, to a and sophisticated work bag? You wouldn’t find it, until now. Patented removable inserts are what allow this bag to convert for multi-purpose use. Easy to use inserts include our cooler insert, which keeps items cold for 24 hours and is perfect for a hot day at the course, and our work insert, which offers storage space for all work materials. Inserts can be removed by simply lifting the handles on the sides, and can be inserted by simply sliding into the magnets that are designed to hold them in place. When both inserts are removed, use the bag as a travel bag and pack as a small duffle by unzipping the back of the bag for easy packing. This 3-in-1 bag is just what you need for the course, the airplane, and the office. Upgrade your travel collection with the Birdie Bag™.