Why Do You Need a Towel in Your Golf Bag?

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you probably already know the importance of having a golf towel in your bag. However, some novice golfers may overlook this versatile tool essential to any golfers’ gear.

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How Long Is a Round of Golf? 5 Tips for Faster Play

Many people think of golf as a leisure sport. In reality, the deeper you get into the world of golf and move past amateur circles, the more rigid the timing of rounds will be. 

To have a successful, enjoyable trip around the golf course, you and the other golfers must share an understanding of pacing. Keeping a decent pace of play affects enjoyment on the course and is also a sign of respect to other groups on the golf course.

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Golf Terminology for Beginners

New to golf? Don't let on that you're a beginner on the course. Instead, use this helpful reference of golf terminology for beginners to learn the basics and speak like the pros in no time.

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Gap Wedge vs. Approach Wedge: Is There a Difference?

When it comes to your game, it's all about keeping your swing count low.  But are you doing everything in your power to make sure that happens?

Plenty of golfers think they can skip wedges and still get under par. Unfortunately, this is a misconception that will just cause you undue stress.

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How to Keep Your Golf Equipment in Great Shape? 8 Simple Steps

Golf equipment isn't cheap, and whether you are a new player or a veteran, you want to know that your investment will last. Despite the high costs associated with golf equipment, maintenance isn't that expensive. You might already own everything you need!

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