Why Are Golf Bags So Expensive? Factors to Keep in Mind

Golf clubs are pricey. It makes sense when you think about the technology and development that goes into the design and how important they are to your game. 

But why are golf bags so expensive? All they do is just cart your irons around the course, right?

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What Is an A-Wedge in Golf? A Basic Guide

Nestled among the iron wedges lays the mysterious A-Wedge. This elusive club goes by many names and accomplishes many tasks.

You may have heard your friends discuss this wedge, but dance around the specific benefits associated with it. Lucky for you, Stitch Golf has finally compiled a guide to answer all your questions.

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Why Are Pro Golfers Bags So Big? What’s Inside Their Bags

When the pros head out to win a PGA tournament, the size of their bag is the last thing on their minds. When you have a caddy helping you out, there's pretty much no limit to the size and weight of your golf bag.

A professional-grade golf bag packed to the brim can weigh 40 pounds!

So what’s in these bags, and why are they so big? Stitch Golf breaks it down.

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9 Basic Rules of Golf Etiquette You Might Be Breaking

You may know all the steps of play and the rules of the game like the back of your hand, but do you have a grasp on the equally crucial social agreement? Here's everything you need to know about golf etiquette before you step onto the course.

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How to Bring Golf Clubs on a Plane? 4 Important Tips

One thing that keeps a lot of avid golfers from exploring new links is traveling with their clubs. If you haven't done it before, you're probably wincing at the mental picture of your clubs, loose in baggage, rattling around, and getting dented and scratched by other people's luggage.

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