Golf Bags

The STITCH Golf Bag collection offers options that are super light, water-resistant, and stain resistant.


The Perfect All Around Bag
• Interchangeable Single And Double Strap
• Durable Construction+Stand
• 4-Way Club Divider
• Super Light Weight
On Sale
$278.60 $398 $278.60
$398 $398
$398 $398


The Minimalistic Bag
• Customizable Chassis, Pocket, And Strap Design
• 2-Way Club Divider
• Perfect For Caddies
• Super Light Weight

SL Sunday

The Perfect Sunday Bag• Magnetic Front Pocket• No Stand Design• Super Light
$248 $248


Our Largest Bag
• Caddie Strap For Additional Comfort
• Perfect For Carts
• 5-Way Divider
$648 $648
$498 $498
About Our Golf Bags

The centerpiece of every golfer’s game, the golf bag sets the standard by which you play each round.  Shop Stitch Golf for the best selection of stylish, durable, and lightweight golf bags and Dress your game. Each bag is curated using STITCH® Touring Fabric, an exclusive material used to create STITCH® products that offers the strength of leather but has more durability, is lighter, and is water resistant. Each Stitch Golf bag comes with a water-resistant hood and our new comfort strap.