Make It Yours STITCH

Our M.I.Y. STITCH is perfect for adding your custom personalization to our products via our imprinting of magnetic plates sold as integral components of our golf and travel bags. Our Make It Yours STITCH program allows for a different experience, one where you can actually Make It Yours by adding your initials to the bag of your choice, and creating a custom design to set your bag apart from others. 

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SL1 Golf Bag
SL2 Colorblock
SL2 Solid Golf Bag
SL2 Americana
SL2 Fashion
SL2 Camo
Ultimate Garment Bag (UGB)
Camo UGB
Birdie Bag
Limited Edition Birdie Bag
Clubhouse Duffle
Stitch Traveler
Roller Duffle Bag
Dopp Kit
Shoe Bag
Super Cold Cooler
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Personalized Ingot