Touring Fabric:

STITCH®’s Touring Fabric™ is a unique proprietary product used in our Superleggara collection of SL1 golf bags and our Ultimate Garment Bag (UGB). The fabric was designed with the strength of leather but is more durable, lighter weight and waterproof. STITCH® researched many possibilities for the Superleggera collection and will consistently provide products that use this fabric and have these superior qualities. 

Our Touring Fabric™ combines comfort with style. The waterproof fabric protects your bag from a rainy day on the course, while also being extremely lightweight, making our bag the lightest on the market. You do not have to worry about your bag fading or cracking in the heat as the highly resilient fabric is built to last. Not only is our Touring Fabric™ durable, but less natural resources are used to produce the fabric than dyed genuine leather, and it is not an animal by product. You can be confident you are purchasing a bag built to last when you invest in our Superleggera collection.