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Aug 02, 2021
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How To Choose The Right Golf Bag: 2021's Buying Guide

If you think your golf bag is just a sack to toss in some clubs and equipment, it is time to rearrange your priorities. A golf bag will be by your side on good days and bad days, 18-hole rounds, and quick putts — so getting the right bag for you is essential.

The perfect bag can up your game and help you stay under par every time. Whether you ride in a cart or love to walk, there is something for you.

Let's jump into everything you need to know about different types of golf bags and help you pair up with your new favorite!

The Different Type of Golf Bags 

It is a misconception that there is one all-around bag to rule them all. Each type and style has unique attributes with pros and cons. Always be an informed shopper whether you buy online or in person.

Here are the ones you will encounter most often and the details you need to know:

Carry Bags

These are the lightest and most portable options on the market. A great carry bag has two shoulder straps for easy carrying even after a long day.

The backpack strap style evenly distributes weight and prevents you from wearing out one side of your body. A carry bag will most likely have very few pockets and no dividers. This container is designed to encourage traveling lightly. 

The most popular carry bag is the Sunday bag, which is a classic bare-bones design. Originally made so caddies could take the day off, a Sunday bag is ideal for the minimal golfer who only wants to carry their favorite clubs with no fuss. Take the stress and confusion out of golfing and take everything back to the basics. 

Don't expect to carry much beyond your clubs when breaking out a pocket-less carry bag. If you want a bag with a lot of storage, there are other options.

Stand Bag

A stand bag does exactly what the name implies. It has two extendable legs, which allow it to stay upright while you tee off safely.  This bag type is one of the most versatile choices out there. It fits comfortably on a pull cart or golf cart, but you can also carry it without much difficulty. 

The top-tier stand bags have several pockets and dividers for all your clubs, backup balls, wet weather gear, an umbrella, and more. 

There is a slight risk of the legs breaking when the bag becomes overburdened, so test out the limits before taking it out for a full day on the course.

Cart Bag

A cart bag emphasizes storage. But all that room means this pack is meant for the cart. A special attachment on the bottom of a cart bag allows it to clip onto the cart with ease. A cart model may be able to stand up on its own on the green, but a small bump will cause all the contents to come tumbling down. 

Cart bags typically only have a single strap as they are not meant for long periods of carrying. They also cannot stand up on their own, so you will need either a push cart or a powered golf cart to maneuver the course.

Serious golfers gravitate toward a cart bag as they can store more than enough equipment with ease. With pockets and dividers galore, there is more than enough room for clubs and more.

Staff Bag

A staff bag, or tour bag, is the ultimate choice for the golfer with a caddy in tow. Usually reserved for golfers who compete at pro levels, the staff bag is extra large partly to show off a sponsor's logo. You can hold off on this one until you are headed out on a PGA Tour.

But the pros use a staff bag for a good reason. Pockets cover all sides, and everything from towels, to smaller sacks, can be stored safely. Dividers keep clubs organized by size and style, so they can be reached in seconds. 

Even if you are paying someone to carry around your staff bag, you'll find the weight can be difficult to handle. 

What Kind of Golf Bag Should I Get?

Think about what type of golfer you are and what situations you most often find yourself in. Not everyone plays all 18 holes of regulation golf every weekend. If you don't even own a full set of 14 clubs or love to walk, a carry bag is probably more your speed.

But if you love to zip around in a cart, consider investing in a larger cart or stand option, so as your game grows, you'll have more dividers and room to expand with it. 

Don't limit yourself to one either. If you have different games, that means different needs. If your buddy invites you out to a last-minute round, it's great to have a small option always ready to go so you can leave your bulky case back home.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Golf Bag?

A great golf bag will be versatile and hold up under all conditions. Don't pick the first golf bag you come across. Set some standards, be an informed golfer, and look for one with good attributes, including:


Golf bags have dividers ranging from 4-way to 14-way. Some dividers only go down halfway, so make sure to check the lengths in each slot before purchasing. Some people prefer an individual divider for each club, yet others like to keep all the clubs jostling around for convenience's sake. 


The amount of pockets comes down to preference. A plethora of pockets can be a mixed blessing. It is tempting to fill all the pockets with various gear and equipment, but you will start to lose items if you stuff too much into them. Stuffed pockets also quickly contribute to weight, so be wary of keeping your lunch in your golf bag!


Tough straps will hold up even after years of carrying around the course. Most bags will have a handle for hand carrying and either a single or double strap system.

Padding and straps go hand in hand, you don't want to attach any straps without sufficient cushioning, or you will hurt your shoulders. Try out a few different strap systems to see which is the most comfortable for you. A Sunday style can be comfortable with a single strap, while you may fall over when putting on the straps of a carry option.


Set yourself a budget before heading out on the hunt. A minimum and maximum price range will make your search much easier and far less painless. 

Sometimes it is worth it to spend more upfront and save on long-term costs. 

How Long Should a Golf Bag Last?

Every golfer is after something different. Some want to look fresh with the latest fashions for every season. Other golfers are after tried and true styles that are classics for a reason.

A golfer after style may choose a 100% genuine leather option that will last for years and conform to the contours of your body. But a touring fabric blend may sag less after years of carrying. 

In general, heavier bags will break down faster than lighter ones as they experience less stress over time and the fibers are not under as much strain. But the golfer who shops for high-quality products tends to value long-lasting materials that will hold up while still looking fresh.

Any bag that sponsors a professional golfer will be a safe bet. Tour-level players settle for nothing but the best.


Whether you're a golfer headed on tour or just visiting the local course, a proper golf bag will make all the difference in your game. Use your new knowledge to narrow down your choice and pick the proper one now.

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