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Jul 06, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

The 5 Different Types of Golf Bags

Golf requires several types of equipment for a successful game. While the clubs are essential to the sport, just as important is the golf bag.

A golf bag does more than hold your clubs and accessories—the best kinds meet your specific needs, whether you play professional circuits or just nine holes on Sundays with your friends. 

Get the wrong bag, and you could impact your performance and even sustain an injury. 

Today we're going to discuss some of the different kinds of bags a professional golfer might expect to use throughout their career, ranging from a tour bag to a Sunday bag. Read on to find the best golf bag for you. 

Tour Bags

A tour bag is the biggest bag that golfers use. Tour bags are large and can weigh up to ten pounds, making them heavier than other bags. Many professionals use them, and they are a commonly seen item during tours, which is why they are known as “tour bags.”

Due to its size, a tour bag has lots of room for elegant designs and features. A bag this large can contain the totality of the gear any golfer might need, including a full set of 14 clubs, golf balls, tees, towels, gloves, rain jacket, and beverages.

One factor worth keeping in mind is that because a tour bag can weigh as much as ten pounds, it’s not suitable for walking the course. Carrying an item this heavy can tax any professional golfer if they are the ones who carry it from place to place. Attempting to carry it could result in injury. 

Thankfully, many clubs offer the services of professional caddies who handle equipment for the golfers, allowing them to use these excellent bags without worrying about the extra weight.

These particular items are must-haves for golfers who value space, high-quality design, and freedom to carry as much of their equipment as they like. 

Who Is This Best For?

Tour bags are most often for professional golfers. An amateur golfer could use them, but it might not be worth the hefty price tag if your skills are mediocre. These bags are stylish, represent some of the best quality on the market, and showcase a commitment to getting the best of the best.

Cart Bags

Cart bags are for carrying in golf carts. Next to tour bags, they are the most spacious on this list. 

Cart bags will usually have a non-slip or rubber base to prevent the bag from sliding around in the cart. An additional feature may include a pass-through for a cart strap, which adds additional security to the straps and buckle in the back of the golf cart. 

Usually, you will leave the bag in the cart. It’s not as heavy as a tour bag, usually weighing between 5-7 pounds. But the purpose of these bags is to remain in the trolley, so it’s not the kind of thing you’d want to carry.

Since you are keeping it in the back of the cart, you also want to be intentional about how you arrange golf clubs in a cart bag. The shorter clubs should be in the front, and longer clubs in the back for easy access. 

Who Is This Best For?

This bag is best for specific situations rather than a single type of golfer. Players who prefer to ride golf carts might benefit from a cart bag. It’s a better option also for people with mobility restrictions, such as someone who may struggle with carrying all of their gear, golfers with disabilities, or older adults who have health conditions that prevent them from walking the course.

Stand Bags

Golf is often appealing to people who like to walk and engage in other forms of low-impact exercise. For the golfing traditionalist who likes to walk from hole to hole and who prefers to keep the amount of gear they have on hand small, standing bags are perfect. 

Stand bags feature retractable legs that allow them to stand up on various terrain. The opening usually has an angle so that the player can easily select the clubs.

Many stand bags are also suitable as carry bags. These are lighter than cart bags or tour bags, weighing anywhere from 3-6 pounds. They feature single or double straps so that, in addition to standing upright, they are easy to carry.

The lightweight design doesn’t reduce the storage capacity, though—stand bags can still carry up to 14 clubs, the maximum number permitted by the USGA. 

Who Is This Best For?

A stand bag is perfect for golfers who want to take the scenic route or travel light. The stand bag is the perfect, lightweight but spacious solution for the golfer seeking to maximize the benefits of golf by walking the course. It’s also a good option for players with back pain, shoulder aches, or other conditions that don’t allow them to move heavy loads.

Travel Bags

These excellent pieces of equipment serve one primary purpose: shielding your golfing gear when traveling from place to place. 

Travelling can leave your clubs vulnerable to all sorts of damage, from the usual wear and tear to dings and scratches from transporting them in the airplane or a vehicle. It’s also the case that golfers on vacation won’t carry all their equipment.

Travel bags are the ideal solution for these situations. They have padded tops to protect exposed clubs. Reinforced handles make carrying easier. And many of them have multiple external pockets for extra storage. 

Travel bags are available in two common varieties: a hard case bag or a soft case bag. Hard cases offer greater protection and durability but are heavier than the soft-cased variants on the market.

Who Is This Best For?

Travel bags are excellent for golfers on the go. If someone frequently travels for business or enjoys going on golf vacations, a travel bag is a surefire way to ensure that their equipment remains safe. The choice of hard or soft case is up to you, but the best option is to consider how much risk your clubs are of being damaged.

Sunday Bags

A Sunday bag tends to be the lightest golf bag a player will have. These items are perfect for storing only the basic gear necessary to play a round.

The item gets its name because caddies did not work on Sundays. Without an attendant to carry their gear, golfers wanted a more minimalist solution, stripped of all the frills. Thus the Sunday bag was born.  

Who Is This Best For?

When a golfer wants to drop everything and go out for a quick game, a Sunday bag is the ideal item for their needs. It may also be a practical item for someone new to golfing who only has a few clubs and accessories. If someone intends to go and play for nine holes or speed golf, this bag is exactly what they need. It is a lightweight item that can be easily transported and comes with all the space a minimalist needs.

What Type of Golf Bag Is Best?

Considering there are 106 million Americans who play the sport, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. What kind of bag works best for any player depends on their specific goals and what they are willing to invest in their bag. 

Professional golfers who tour frequently may want a travel bag for when they travel and a tour bag for when they are actually out on the course. 

Golfers who may find lugging their equipment from hole to hole taxing would be wise to invest in a cart bag or a Sunday bag. Cart bags are specifically designed for cart transport, while Sunday bags are lightweight and easy to move from place to place.

Newcomers to the sport may want a Sunday bag or a stand bag. A stand bag is suitable for those with less equipment, and a stand bag is an excellent, all-around bag that can hold a complete set of clubs without being too heavy. 

By understanding one's needs and price range, any golfer can properly outfit themselves with an excellent bag. So long as one considers the equipment they currently have, be it several or just a handful of clubs, and any number of golf balls, and the amount they wish to spend on their bags, someone can get some equipment that suits their needs.


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