Jan 03, 2024
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

5 Best Professional Golf Bags in 2024

A good day on the golf course is as much about the equipment you bring along as it does the number you shoot. It's no wonder that when the equipment side is lacking, it often shows in the outcome.

To step your golf game up both style- and skill-wise, consider upgrading your golf bag to one of the best professional golf bags for 2024. If you're still using an old golf bag and feel like your game hasn't been what it used to be, it could be a sign to shed the old and start fresh with a new one that will look good and put you in the position to shoot your best game yet.

We've reviewed the top five professional golf bags of 2024 to make your choice an easy one. Browse our reviews of the best options on the market below and take your pick to continue moving onward and upward on the golf course.

Top 5 Professional Golf Bags of 2024

You can't go wrong with any one of these five bags from the professional golf accessories brand Stitch Golf.

1) SL Cart Bag

The SL Cart Bag is Stitch Golf's first cart bag model that combines style and function to complete a perfect day on the greens. Inspired by the design of 70's throwback staff bags, this sleek black bag highlights the nostalgic style while elevating it with modern-day features and accessories.

The “SL” in the name stands for superleggera, Italian for super light. As the name promises, this bag won't weigh you down whether you choose to walk this round or take a cart. 

However, it doesn't sacrifice durability or comfort. The comfort straps and great attention to detail ensure it will last for years to come.

Enjoy several zippered pockets, a five-way divider, and a tour bag look with options for further personalization. 


  • - Incredibly lightweight 
  • - Improvement on the old-school staff bag
  • - Comfort straps
  • - Spacious compartments

2) SL2 Camo Golf Bag

For the golfer who likes to stand out with this bag just as much as his game, you can't go wrong with the SL2 Camo Golf Bag. This lightweight yet durable golf bag is made with a proprietary STITCH® Touring Fabric, which combines the strength and beauty of leather with the water resistance, lightweight properties, and durability of something far more robust. And with a pop of navy and cool gray and blue camo, the style's there too. 

If versatility is important to you, you'll enjoy the convenience of choosing between a single or double strap plus a bag stand. This bag works great on a cart but is light enough when you're walking a round of golf that day, too. Coming in at just four pounds, you won't get tired after carrying it for a few hours.

This bag comes fully equipped with features like a golf ball pocket, a felt-line valuables pocket, a full-length apparel pocket, and an insulated pocket for your beverage of choice. Plus, a 4-way top divider and lift-assist handles take all the effort out of toting your bag.


  • - Interchangeable single/double strap
  • - Sonic-welded branding
  • - Option to personalize
  • - Features navy, blue, and white colors
  • - Lightweight yet durable

3) SL2 Solid Golf Bag

If you love everything about the SL2 golf bag except for the bold camo, consider the three color variations of the SL2 Solid golf bag: black, gray, or navy.

You can still get everything you already love about the SL2. The four different pockets hold everything from apparel to valuables to golf balls, and a four-way top divider lets you find your clubs easily. A lift-assist handle takes some of the work from walking the course, while durable, reliable fabric ensures a lasting investment. It's everything that makes the SL2 great but with a more neutral colorway that's a bit more low-key.

All bags feature the signature Stitch Golf orange logo but are otherwise solid-toned with matching sonic-welded hardware. 

Want to make this solid bag feel a bit more you? Customize with a few letters on your ingot right on the bag.


  • - Rated five stars by customers
  • - Made with proprietary fabric that is durable, lightweight, strong, and stylish
  • - Features several pockets for storage
  • - Lift-assist handles
  • - Water and stain-resistant

4) SL2 Colorblock Golf Bag

The SL2 Colorblock bag is another high-performing yet lightweight SL2 golf bag. The design on this one is perfect for anything seeking a middle ground between the solid-toned and the more vibrant camo print. 

Combining either a Stitch Golf brand black, gray, or blue with a large white pocket and contrast stitching, this bag is stylish and sleek while getting the job done on the course.

The SL2 Colorblock bag is a great option to carry along the course or on the cart, coming in at just four pounds. Thanks to its unique STITCH® Touring Fabric, it's strong like leather but lightweight, durable, and water and stain-resistant. 

No more compromising when it comes to style or function—with the SL2 Colorblock Golf Bag, you can have both.


  • - Attachable rain hood
  • - 4-way top divider
  • - Gunmetal hardware
  • - Weighs 4 pounds
  • - Available in black and white, gray and white, or blue and white

5) SL1 Golf Bag

Want something a bit more simple without all the bells and whistles that still gets the job done and looks good doing it? Check out the SL1 Golf Bag from Stitch Golf, known as the "perfect caddie bag." The design is sleek to keep that minimal look and feel while still providing the function you need for a great day of golf. 

With two side saddle pockets to store larger items on either side and two top vent pockets, there's plenty of space to hold your must-haves without adding a ton of bulk and weight. At just 57 ounces, it's the lightest option from Stitch Golf. Walkers will love the cushioned comfort strap, too. 

Some other features include wider feet on the bag for added stability support, a durable yet lightweight fabric with impressive strength, and the option to personalize with your initials.

Choose between four colorways with the most color options of any bag from Stitch Golf. Between white, black, gray, and navy blue, you'll indeed find a color that feels true to you.


  • - Pockets on either side, allowing the bag to be carried on the right or left side
  • - Four pockets total, including one for a beverage
  • - Known as the sleekest bag on the market by customers
  • - A perfect option for caddies

What to Consider When Buying a Golf Bag

When you're buying a new golf bag, make sure you know what to look for as far as features, type of bag, and more so you end up with the right fit. 

What Type of Bag You Need

There are five main types that each serve a slightly different purpose. 

  • - A carry bag is for toting. It will be the lightest of all options and is designed typically for recreational golfers who like to walk the course.
  • - A cart bag is for riding in the cart with you, often offering all of the latest bells and whistles. They come with bases that attach to the cart for extra security and can provide you with a lot of storage for whatever you may want to bring along. While they are heavier, this extra weight isn't usually noticeable since they stay on the cart all day. Professional or competitive golfers more often use these.
  • - A stand bag is versatile in that it can be carried to stored on a cart. Its weight falls somewhere in the middle. Thanks to the legs that you can pull out from the bag, this bag can stand upright on its own so that you don't have to dirty the bag by laying it down on the course.
  • - Tour bags, also called staff bags, come with the most storage capacity because they're used mainly by competitive or professional players who need to bring many items with them.
  • - Travel bags are a good backup option for golfers who want to travel with their clubs while keeping them protected. This kind has a hard protective case that fully encompasses the clubs.

How Many Dividers

Dividers in a golf bag range from 1 to 15, and the more partitions you have, the easier it is to find the right club. The most popular versions you'll find are 4-way, 6-way, 10-way, 14-way, or 15 way. More serious golfers usually use more dividers for organization.


Some features you may want to look out for include extra pockets like an apparel pocket or valuables pocket, an umbrella holder, a rain hood, a glove attachment, or maybe a towel ring.

Strap System

Golf bags use either a single or dual carry strap system. If you plan to carry your bag, you likely will want a dual-strap system. However, if you usually keep it on the cart throughout the course, a single strap will do just fine.


Part of having a good round of golf is having all of the right equipment and accessories you need to support you, whether it's 9 holes or 18. It's not just about looks; it's about the ease of functionality and having confidence when you shoot. 

If you need a boost, consider getting a new golf bag to accompany you on the course—and if you do, make sure it's one of these top five professional golf bags from our experts at Stitch Golf for best results.