Mar 27, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

What Is a Toe Hang Putter?

The toe hang putter is one of two basic putter types. Depending on whether you typically open or close the putter face on impact will change what type of putter you need. A toe hang putter is a golf club designed to carry extra weight in the toe of the putter, which helps to close the putter's face so that when you take a stroke, you'll close the putter's face less violently on impact. 

While toe-hang designs can be either blades or mallets, the head shape doesn’t affect the play much. So read on to discover what you need and what you should look out for when choosing a toe-hang putter!

What Is the Benefit of a Toe Hang Putter?

The principal benefit of the toe hang design is that it allows you to sink more putts if you close your strokes too violently or miss lots of putts to the left. 

The toe hang will suit you best if you have an arched stroke. The extra mass in the toe forces the face to open on the backstroke, and it isn’t easy to snap the face closed on impact. The lag on the forward stroke maintains a slight openness, allowing those who usually snap shut the face on impact to have a more gentle squaring-up of the face on impact. 

If you find that you pull your putts and send them to the left, then the physics behind the toe hang design makes it far more difficult to achieve. However, every golfer is different; you'll know your stroke best. 

Face Balanced vs. Toe Hang Putters

Face-balanced and toe-hang putters are the two common putter types. If you aren’t sure if your putter is a toe hang or face balanced, rest the shaft on your finger. If the face points upwards, it’s a face-balanced design, but if the toe points down, it’s a toe hang. The toe hang putter will point downwards because they have the added weight in the toe. 

But why does this matter? 

Both putters offer different solutions and objectives. If you push your putts too much, the toe-hang putter will exasperate the problem. However, if you tend to push the ball, not the putt, the toe-hang putter will likely help you. Thus, the toe hang putter is the best for promoting more push. On the other hand, the face-balanced putter isn’t going to push the putts. 

Aside from how these putters change your play, one Ph.D. student discovered that golf players also respond differently to the putters. For example, with face-balanced putters, the golfers had less active hands compared to more activity with the toe-hang putters. 

When choosing a putter, thinking about what your hands naturally want to do is also good. For example, if you prefer more active hands and want more wrist action, the toe-hang putter will be a better fit than the face-balanced putter. However, the face-balanced design will suit you better if you need to decrease your arc and wrist action. 

What To Look For in a Good Toe Hang Putter Head Shape


In case you aren’t familiar, the hosel is the area in the golf club head that the shaft inserts into. The best way to choose your preference for a hosel is to base your decision on your putting stroke style. The reason is that different shafts will tip the weight balance of the putter differently, creating more or less toe hang.

Remember, the toe hang designs suit golfers with an arching stroke. However, no one golfer’s arch is the same. Indeed, that’s why there’s a variety of choices depending on how severe your arch is. For example, the short or flow neck hosel suits players with a high arching stroke. At the same time, the plumbers-neck hosel works best for golfers who have a hybrid arch-straight stroke. 

Face Material

Arguably, the face material is less about how your choice will affect your putting stroke and more about your personal preference. For example, the milled surface face material generates more friction, producing a purer roll. However, these putter faces are often more expensive and unsuitable for every golfer. 

The polyurethane face insert is a fantastic budget-friendly alternative. It helps neutralize the vibrations on mis-shifts and creates a consistent topspin. 

Grip Size

Always consider your grip. You could opt for a slim pistole or jumbo construction design if you’re seeking to limit your wrist action on your putting stroke. However, most golfers perform best with a thicker grip as it limits twisting the face. The thicker grips also tend to decrease grip pressure, which allows for a more fluid stroke. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Use a Toe Hang Putter?

Toe hang putters are the perfect solution for any golfer looking to sink more putts if you tend to pull putts. In layperson’s terms, if you use a right-hand putter and pull putts to the left, you’re likely too open on impact. 

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