Jul 12, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

What Is a Staff Golf Bag?

If you're new to golf or considering upgrading to a new golf bag, it's tricky to determine the right option. However, making the right choice is essential to ace your game and maximize enjoyment on the fairway.

There are three main types of bags in golf. The best choice depends on how often and seriously you play, what you want to take with you out on the course, and how you like moving your clubs.

Find out what a staff bag is, what they offer, and how they differ from the alternatives to determine if a staff bag is right for you.

So, What Is a Staff Bag?

A staff bag is a large and serious piece of golf equipment caddies use to carry clubs, accessories, and personal items for a pro player, hence the name.

Staff bags are made from high-quality materials like leather. They offer high performance, durability, and a professional look for serious players.

Features of a Staff Bag

The most apparent thing that'll strike you about a staff bag is the size. Typically, they are around 36 inches in height, 9 inches wide, and 13 inches deep.

The area for the clubs has dividers to keep irons tidy and organized, with a dedicated compartment for the putter. On top of that, there's an immense amount of padding to cushion each iron and space to carry 14, the maximum allowed under the rules.

Typically, the design features several compartments and pockets for easy access to all those essential items like gloves, golf tees, spare balls, and handy accessories like hats and towels. Deluxe versions have cooler pockets to keep drinks cold. Pros like these bags because they can make sure they always have everything they need. 

What Are the Advantages of a Staff Bag?

Staff bags carry everything you'll ever need on the course.

Pros like to cover every eventuality, so a list of what's in their bag makes for interesting reading.

Don't think you'll end up with a massive jumble of stuff; everything is well-organized and easy to find when you need it.

These bags are also easily personalized and instantly recognizable for fans and spectators.

They do cost more than the alternatives, but they’ll literally last the course! Made from quality materials, you can use and abuse them with regular play, and they'll still look good.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Staff Bag?

Staff bags are heavy - no way around it. One of these bad boys can weigh 10-15 pounds — even when empty. 

Staff bags are designed for regular use and made from high-quality materials like leather. The design is robust, and with all 14 clubs, that's a lot to lift.

Due to their design, size, and quality, these products always come with a significantly higher price tag, so it's probably best to avoid them if you're on a budget or a new player. A cart bag will be smaller and lighter and still organizes all your clubs and equipment.

Is a Staff Golf Bag Right for You?

A staff golf bag is for people who want to carry a lot of equipment and look professional while doing it. These bags are available in different sizes to make for more effortless movement around the course, and they’ll fit on some carts.

While it's tempting to splurge on a top-dollar product with all the features you could dream of coupled with that pro look, ultimately, the best choice is the one that suits your game and your budget.

Consider how often you play, your specific needs, how accessible equipment is, how many clubs you want to carry, and how much storage space you require.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Staff Bag Fit on a Golf Cart?

Staff bags will fit on some carts, but they won't fit as well as cart bags, which have a different style with pockets and compartments at the front for easy access from the cart. Staff bags are cumbersome and heavier and don’t fit as well.

Choose a cart with a large, adjustable bag bracket if you want to use a staff bag.

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