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Jan 14, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How to Fix a Zipper on a Golf Bag: A Quick Guide

It always happens when you least expect it. One minute you’re closing up your state-of-the-art, vintage-inspired golf bag. The next, you’re standing there wondering how to force its zipper back together. 

While it’s always a huge disappointment and inconvenience, no golf bag is immune to zipper failures. 

If you find yourself unable to efficiently move the contents of your golf bag on or off the course due to a faulty zipper, you are not alone. Check out our quick guide to a quick and easy zipper fix, put together by golfers who have also been in a similar bind.

Can You Fix a Golf Bag’s Zipper?

If you’re wondering whether or not your broken zipper (and, by extension, your golf bag as a whole) is salvageable, then the answer is yes. 

However, the extent to which you can fix it depends on the nature of the zipper malfunction. Sometimes the bag’s age, the weight of the items inside, or even the stress of an overstuffed bag can put a strain on the zipper. Other times, it’s simply bad luck. 

The fact of the matter is that while a golf bag may last 5-10 years, your zipper won't. A broken zipper is one of the most common and frustrating issues perplexing novice and pro golfers alike.

Depending on the extent of the tear or prong separation, you might have to get crafty. Nevertheless, your golf bag will be able to zip up once again if you follow the steps listed below. 

1. Remove Stitching

Whether your zipper break results from a rogue metal slider, uneven track for the teeth, or a tear along the seams, your first step should always be to remove what you can of the zipper for examination before troubleshooting further. 

Zippers are sold in fabric stores with a small cloth strip alongside the teeth, meant to provide adequate space for the seams and a buffer between the metal track and the surrounding fabric of the bag. Sometimes, though, if sewn crooked or too close to the tracks, the seams attaching the zipper to the bag can cause it to get stuck. 

Even if the seams themselves aren’t the issue, you might have to do some tweaking to the teeth or the stopper, in which case it’s best to remove the whole zipper for easy access. 

With a sharp knife or seam ripper, gently pull the threads out until the whole length of the zipper is no longer intact. Be careful with your seam ripping, though, so as to not leave large holes and damage the quality of your bag. 

Consider this just one more reason why it’s a smart move always to have a sewing kit handy. 

2. Realign Teeth

Zippers can sometimes perform a little like our golf game — they get a little out of whack from time to time, for no conceivable reason. The zipper teeth are especially susceptible to occasional misalignment. 

Perhaps they’ve gotten out of joint due to constant tugging on the zipper pull or stretching the surrounding fabric, causing them to shift and change positions. Or maybe the manufacturer initially sewed them slightly askew, and this imperfection has just become more noticeable with time. 

No matter the reason, you will eventually notice your zipper’s teeth no longer match up with one another. One side might even appear to be a tooth or two longer than the other! 

Though a crooked zipper track seems like an impossible fix, it’s pretty easy. Simply remove the slider and the stop, trim the coils down to an exactly matching size and readjust before sewing back in carefully. 

3. Lubricate the Teeth

Though they look sturdy, the metal or plastic teeth of a zipper can break down due to too much wear and tear. 

You risk warping the teeth every time you yank aggressively on a zipper. Also, if you routinely golf in the elements, rust, dirt, or trapped debris could compromise its former smoothness.

For these reasons, regularly lubricating your zippers is a good habit to get into for the general maintenance of your high-quality golf bag, 

While there are many commonly lauded lubricants for metal or plastic zippers, melted candle wax, petroleum jelly, or WD-40 are the tried-and-true favorites. Laundry detergent is a lesser-known but equally effective option. 

If you’re really in a pinch and your zipper truly won’t budge, some pros swear by a hack using those tiny golf pencils that are always hanging around the clubhouse. Run the graphite tip up and down along the teeth and track until the slider starts cooperating again. 

4. Double Check Zipper Pull

When a zipper starts to stick, the first part that starts to break is always the pull. All the tugging can cause the pull to snap right off, which will leave you unable to open or close your bag. 

If your pull is beginning to show signs of malfunction, don’t hesitate to replace it. Consider this an act of golf bag preventative care. 


Just because your favorite golf bag’s zipper acts up doesn’t mean that you need to rush out and buy a replacement. Nor is it a sign of sub-par quality. You can solve most zipper malfunctions with some crafty seamstress skills. When in doubt, there’s usually a sewing hack to fix your bag and keep it in mint condition.

And if you're tired of the whole mess altogether, consider Stitch Golf. We provide high-quality golf bags with dependable zippers that will last you years.