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Dec 24, 2021
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How to Keep Beer Cold in Golf Bag: A Quick Guide

Many would agree that there’s nothing better than a relaxing day out on the golf course. 

So, it’s no wonder why so many golfers would love to take a few beers out onto the course with them. 

The only problem is that the same sunny conditions that make a day of golf so pleasant are also counterproductive when it comes to keeping your refreshments cool. 

There are quick solutions to this significant struggle that has plagued the golf community for years. And no, it’s not wasting money on the overpriced brews they sell at the clubhouse bar. 

Read on for our quick guide to keeping beer cold in your very own bag. 

1. Invest in a Special Golf Cooler

If you’re not overly familiar with the golf world, this whole problem seems easily solvable. After all, why not just bring a cooler along? 

The problem is that most golf courses don’t allow coolers onto the course for several reasons. 

Bulky wheels could tear up the grass, and the more beer you bring yourself, the less you’ll buy from them. Golf course authorities don’t want unsightly coolers ruining their sleek aesthetic. 

That’s not to say that utilizing a cooler is entirely off the table, though. You just have to be a little tricky about it. Lucky for fans of drinking beer on the course, there are several options for special golf bag coolers out on the market. 

This Super Cold Cooler, for instance, has a chic design made to look like it’s carrying high-end equipment rather than cans of chilled beer. Other options out there include coolers designed to fit inside an inner compartment of your golf bag, so you can just tuck those brews away next to your golf clubs where no one can see them. 

2. Choose Heat/Light Reflective Materials 

If you’d rather not be bogged down by yet another bag to lug around on the golf course, then not to worry. 

The golf drinking pros use plenty of tricks to make their bags conducive to keeping the cold drinks flowing all day long. These mainly entail retrofitting your pre-existing golf bag to turn it into a veritable beer fridge all on its own.

The first step is to choose a golf bag made of heat and light reflective materials. Bags with special ultraviolet reflective or thermoplasticized coating in a black or dark grey tone ensure that the temperatures out on the course never impact what you’re carrying in your bag, which makes them ideal for keeping refreshments cool. 

Plus, the temperature control features have more benefits than simply acting as a cooler for your beer. They also prevent your golf clubs and other equipment from warping or suffering water damage. The cold drinks are just an added bonus. 

3. Only Use Refreezable Ice Packs 

Of course, insulation on its own can only go so far. Without cold air circulating to begin with, the bag has little coolness to keep trapped inside. 

This is a principle you’re probably already well aware of, seeing as even the hardiest of coolers usually still need to be filled with ice. 

What you might not have thoroughly thought through, though, is that ice on the golf course is just one giant mess. When you’re trying to be inconspicuous with your golf course refreshments, the easiest way to blow your cover is to have melting slush leaking everywhere. 

To prevent a total cooler failure on the course, go with refreezable ice packs instead. While these can’t promise no condensation whatsoever, they will keep you from experiencing a torrential flood that would also probably cause some pretty serious harm to your clubs and other equipment. 

Some companies even sell long-lasting ice packs, which promise up to 72 hours of retained coolness and are built to withstand even the hottest of golf days. Pack a few of these at the bottom of your bag, and you’ll have your very own DIY beer cooler.

If you have some leftover space, definitely throw some water bottles in there to prevent dehydration


Not being allowed to bring a cooler onto the golf course should never mean an end to the merriment. 

With just a little bit of preparation, it’s effortless to make a cooler out of the biggest tool at your disposal — your very own golf bag. 

Implement these golf bag hacks, and you’ll be sure to have cold beers for the full 18 holes.

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