Sep 02, 2021
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How to Keep Your Golf Equipment in Great Shape? 8 Simple Steps

Golf equipment isn't cheap, and whether you are a new player or a veteran, you want to know that your investment will last. Despite the high costs associated with golf equipment, maintenance isn't that expensive. You might already own everything you need!

This guide will take you through all of our top tips to keep your golf equipment in the best possible condition. If it sounds like too much work, know this: it is ultimately a money-saving exercise. Extending the life of your golf clubs is worth the effort, so let's jump into how you can do so.

1. Keep Your Grooves Free from Dirt

You would think that your golf clubs could withstand a bit of dirt, given how much of it is out on the course, but it can be highly damaging. Soil and grime can get stuck into those thin grooves, affecting everything from ball speed to backspin. 

Luckily, this problem is easy to address. All you need to do is run a brush along the grooves back and forth with some hot water and soap after a day on the green. 

You could use a specialized golfing scrub brush if you feel extra fancy, but this isn't entirely necessary. Keeping the grooves of your golf clubs clean can add years to their lifespan. 

2. Use a Wet Golf Towel while Playing

Prevention is cheaper than the cure, and that holds for golf clubs too. Carrying a wet golf towel with you around the course is a great way to stay on top of club cleanliness between swings. That way, you won't have to wait till you are home to clean all the accumulated grime from your club

You can give them a quick wipe each time. A simple trick like that can make the maintenance process ten times easier. 

3. Be Mindful of How You Store Your Golf Clubs

After a long day of playing golf, it can be tempting to toss your clubs into the back of your car without a second thought. Unfortunately, this can do a number on your golfing gear, specifically your longer clubs. 

Your gear can easily bend out of shape, especially if you have a lower-quality set. Treat them like the expensive gear they are, and don't force them into a trunk far too small for them. 

4. Don't Forget About Your Golf Shoes

You probably don't think about your shoes when you think of golfing gear, but you should! Numerous golfers have issues slipping on uneven turf, which can completely throw your game. In worst-case scenarios, it could even result in a nasty injury. 

Investing in a high-quality pair of golfing shoes and keeping them clean will improve your game overall. Don't invest all your money in clubs and forget about the other vital components—it isn't all about your swing!

5. Invest in Golf Club Headcovers 

Most clubs will come with covers but replace them as soon as possible if you lose one. Though they may appear simply decorative, those headcovers protect your equipment from the elements. 

More importantly, they also prevent clubs from banging together when in transit, which can bend and ding them out of shape. Protect your gear by investing in headcovers

6. Store Your Equipment in a Dry Location

When it comes to golfing gear maintenance, mold is enemy number one. Storing any of your equipment in damp locations can severely hamper its integrity, resulting in quicker degradation and ultimately lower quality. 

This issue is especially risky for your grips, which can become waterlogged very quickly. Speaking of grips…

7. Give Your Grips Love Too

The grips of your clubs are breeding grounds for bacteria. During play, you are holding onto the grip for extended periods. It means a lot of bacteria transfers from your hands, including via sweat. 

Remember the wet towel we mentioned earlier? It can apply here too. Wipe down the handle between swings to reduce the bacteria build-up. Additionally, the use of golf gloves can have a positive impact. 

8. Maintain Your Golf Balls

Golf balls are far from inexpensive. The cost primarily relates to the unique outer coating used on golf balls, which ultimately helps you control your spin. Maintaining them isn't particularly difficult, but it does require some consistent habits.

First, you need to keep them somewhere that isn't too hot or too cold. Temperature profoundly affects performance for balls, with balls in colder temperatures getting fewer hits and flying lower than warm ones. If it's too hot, they can crack or split wide open during a round. If it's too cold, they become brittle, and you will likely run into the same issue. 

Second, you should leave them in their sleeves whenever they aren't in use. Proper storage will protect the outer coating from degradation. 

Finally, don't use any ink on them until just before play. The ink from a marker can seep into the skin and negatively affect the outer coating, reducing spin.

How to Clean Your Golf Clubs Properly: Step by Step

Keeping your golf clubs in shape is mostly about having consistent cleaning rituals. Your clubs accrue a lot of dirt out on the course, so you must clean them after use. Here's how:

  1. Add 2 or 3 teaspoons of soap to a bucket of warm water. The water shouldn't be too hot, as this could negatively impact the metal of your clubs.
  2. Let your clubs soak for up to 5 minutes. Soaking will help to loosen any of the grime ingrained in your gear.
  3. After they have sufficiently soaked, use a soft-bristle brush or a toothbrush to scrub away the loosened grime. You should pay particular attention to the grooves.
  4. Once you are through with brushing, rinse the rest of the club while avoiding the shaft and grip.
  5. Dry your clubs with a towel. It is imperative that they are completely dry before storage, as damp can lead to rust.

If you want to take it to another level, consider using some polish on your clubs to give them that extra shine. 

How to Clean Your Golf Bag Properly: Step by Step

An easily forgotten step, but still necessary, is to clean your golfing bag. To do this, all you need to do is:

  1. Spray water across the entire surface.
  2. Use warm soapy water to wipe the bag and scrub the covers. You should be gentle here, or you could damage your bag.
  3. Rinse your bag with a wet rag.
  4. Allow both your bag and covers to dry overnight. Don't leave them in the sun as this could lead to unpleasant discoloration.

You don't need to clean your bag as often as you clean your other gear, but it is still a good idea from time to time.


Golfing equipment can be expensive, but it is always worth the investment if you know how to maintain it properly. Replacing equipment can get costly fast. From your clubs to your golf balls, they all require some TLC from time to time, so don't get complacent!