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Jan 12, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How to Restore a Faded Golf Bag: A Step-by-Step Guide

Being out in the sun is one of the enjoyable aspects of golf. However, extended exposure to the sun can cause your bag to fade. 

Fading is usually not a problem you'll notice right away. Instead, you'll realize it one day after using the same bag for several years. 

Although there are companies that can restore your bag for you, it's pretty easy to do it on your own once you know the process. 

Continue reading below to learn how to restore a faded golf bag. Note that you may need to combine all the steps below to produce the best result.

1) Keep Your Bag Clean

Cleaning is an integral part of owning a golf bag. The rule of thumb is to give it a clean at least once a week. 

You can mix warm water with a mild cleaning solution. Gently scrub any dirt or debris off the surfaces. 

You want to avoid using any chemical cleaning products. These liquids can alter the color of leather and other common golf bag materials. 

Keeping your bag clean will help prevent any damage or fading to the color. 

2) Nourish with Neatsfoot Oil (For Leather Bags)

You want to nourish the hide for leather bags. Pick up some saddle soap and neatsfoot oil for this restoration. These items will help maintain the consistent, smooth look of the material.

Using a brush, rub saddle soap over all the leather parts. 

Saddle soap helps to restore the oils. Leave it for 10 to 20 minutes, at minimum, up to a couple of hours. Use the brush to remove any excess.

Next, gently rub neatsfoot oil so that the bag doesn't dry out. Leave for a couple of hours to let the oil absorb and remove with a horsehair brush.

3) Use a Dye With Similar Color (For Nylon Bags)

Nylon is a common bag material because it's durable. Unfortunately, it's also known to fade in the sun. 

If your nylon carrier is extremely faded, the best solution is to use a dye of the same color. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid further ruining the nylon's color. 

The best way is to put the dye in a spray bottle and apply it to the affected areas. Let the dye dry and wash it to see the results. This method isn't perfect but can help if done correctly. 

Why Do Colors Fade?

Fabric colors fade when the molecules lose attraction to the fabric. Ultraviolet rays break down the chemical bonds in colorful fabrics, leading to fading.

Golf bag manufacturers use specialized dyes for golf bag fabrics to stall this problem and give the bags a specific appearance. Unfortunately, fading is inevitable, which is why you want to take steps to prevent it.

Preventative Measures

Take these preventative measures to reduce the chances of your bag fading. 

Avoid Prolonged Sun Exposure

The sun is your worst enemy when it comes to fading colors. No matter which fabric you use, prolonged sun exposure can affect your golf bag's colors and overall quality. If possible, keep your carrier in the shade while on and off the fairway. 

Bleaching is one of the most common causes of color fading. Extended sun exposure can cause bleaching, which can also happen due to contact with certain chemicals.  

Utilize Your Compartments

Remember, all those pockets are there for a reason. Place all your items in an appropriate compartment to avoid them making direct contact with your fabric. 

This rule is especially important for food, liquids, and organic compounds placed inside your bag. 

Choose the Right Color

Some colors fade faster than others. Dyes with longer wavelengths react faster and have more impact when exposed to UV lights. For example, red dye fades the fastest since it has the longest wavelength. Orange and yellow hues follow after. 

On the other hand, dyes with shorter wavelengths will be more resistant to UV light. Colors like purple and blue should fade much slower than the colors above. 

As a result, choosing a golf bag with more UV-resistant dyes will ensure they last longer without fading. It isn't always the case, but it wouldn't hurt if you don't mind the color of your bag. 

The protection that darker hues offer matters for your skin too. Researchers have found that red and blue-dyed fabrics do a better job of protecting the skin from harmful UV rays than bright or light colors like yellow. 


Taking care of your golf equipment can be a full-time job. However, doing so will be worth the effort in the long run. Follow all the tips above to restore your faded golf bag and prevent it from happening again. 

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