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Dec 03, 2021
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Why Are Golf Bags So Expensive? Factors to Keep in Mind

Golf clubs are pricey. It makes sense when you think about the technology and development that goes into the design and how important they are to your game. 

But why are golf bags so expensive? All they do is just cart your irons around the course, right? 

If you have splashed out on a costly set of irons, you want to look after them and transport them in the best way possible. It is essential to choose the right golf bag for your requirements

However, you’ll find the most expensive is not always the most suitable. Here is why golf bags can be so prohibitively expensive and where to find the best value for your money

Why Are Golf Bags So Expensive?

The National Golf Foundation estimated that one in three Americans aged over six plays golf, watches the sport, or reads about it. The sport is thriving in the States, and for golf product manufacturers, this is a very lucrative market.

You expect to spend money on your clubs, but what’s the low down when it comes to the golf bag? Some are just so much more expensive than others.

However, it’s not all arbitrary. The primary drivers for the cost of a golf bag are the bag type, features, dividers, and material. 

Style or Type

There are different styles of golf bags to suit players' needs, so this is the first essential point to identify before you make a purchase.

A staff bag is traditional in style, heavy, and bulky. It’s the go-to for the professionals, i.e., a player who has someone to carry their clubs for them or uses a powered cart to get around.  

The other three types of golf bags: stand bags, cart bags, and carry bags:

Cart and stand bags are full size and have a rigid structure and multiple pockets. 

As the name suggests, cart bags are not for carrying on the course but instead for moving around in a cart. They tend to be larger and more expensive.

Stand bags have legs and tend to be lighter, making them suitable for golfers walking the course. Walking is becoming more prevalent nowadays. Indeed, some say that walking the course is in, and riding the carts is out. 

Carry bags are compact and intentionally lightweight. They are softer rather than structured and have fewer pockets for storage. Carry bags often feature lighter material, which can be less durable but results in a lower price.

Water-Resistant Features

At some time, you will inevitably play in the rain. It can ruin valuables that you want to keep dry, like your cell and wallet. Over time, it will also destroy your bag.

Some cheaper golf bags are not water-resistant, which can lower the price. Instead the only water repelling feature are pockets where you can store valuables to prevent them from becoming saturated. Ultimately, the golf bag breaks down more quickly thanks to its lack of weather resistance. 

Cushioned Dividers

Cushioned dividers or padded pockets will help separate each club into its own tube. It not only protects the club heads from knocking together and getting scratched but makes it easier to find the suitable club for the shot.

Padded pockets not only add to the weight of the bag but also the price.


The choice of material is all about good looks and durability. It’s simple economics: a more expensive material choice will increase the cost of the bag compared to a cheaper alternative.

One of the most common materials for golf bags is polyurethane leather or PU. This faux leather offers all the styling of the real thing but without the care and attention needed to keep it in top condition. PU maintains that brand new look for longer.

Other Factors That Can Affect Golf Bag Prices

Labeling or Brand

Top-name bags will always have top-dollar price tags; it just goes with the territory. Golf has a big ego, the same as fashion and other desirables like cars—any golf bag is part function and part identity. 

Brands endorsed by pros will carry a cachet, but did you know many are sponsored and paid to use those bags? The higher price reflects these costs.

Labels with serious marking behind them like television advertising or big advertorials in golfing magazines will need to recoup their costs.

Storage Options

Storage is one aspect that can separate more expensive bags from modestly priced ones. Some golf bags will include a pocket big enough for shoes and clothing. 

Others have an insulated cooler pocket to keep drinks and food at the right temperature.

Golf Bag Legs

A golf bag with legs provides an easy stand for when you stop to take a shot. It also keeps your bag off the ground, protecting it from damp and stains.

Choosing a Golf Bag

Just because a golf bag has a high price tag doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good purchase. If you shop around or get a personal recommendation from a golfing buddy, you can discover plenty of cheaper bags of excellent quality that will last the course.

Make sure you choose a bag which suits your needs. Buying something that a pro would use might be difficult and cumbersome to transport to different locations or even walk a full 18-holes. 

A golf bag must be fit for your purpose and easy and convenient to use for your particular style of play. Consider the type and how many clubs you use, and how often you play.

You can get an excellent quality bag for under a grand, but if you want all the features and a designer label, the sky's the limit. Sale time and member discounts can help take the edge of high prices, and don’t overlook the preloved or used route – there are some fantastic bargains out there.


Golf bags can cost a hefty sum, but it’s often for a good reason. The bags that pro golfers use are exceptionally pricey because of factors like sponsorship, size, material, and more. 

That said, you can get a reasonably priced golf bag that will last, protect your clubs, and look good—shop Stitch Golf today for golf bags that strike the perfect balance of quality and cost.