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Nov 29, 2021
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Why Are Pro Golfers Bags So Big? What’s Inside Their Bags

When you head out to play a few rounds with friends, you usually carry your own bag. It’s why many golfers will invest in walking bags, and if they don’t, they opt to ride around in a golf cart—the size matters when you have to carry it.

But when the pros head out to win a PGA tournament, the size of their bag is the last thing on their minds. When you have a caddy helping you out, there's pretty much no limit to the size and weight of your golf bag.

A professional-grade golf bag packed to the brim can weigh 40 pounds!

So what’s in these bags, and why are they so big? Stitch Golf breaks it down. 

The Reasons Why Pro Golfers Bags Are So Big

Pro golfers use staff bags. These large bags can cost a hefty sum and seem to fit almost every club imaginable. You may see these hooked on the back of carts, or perched next to the tee with several legs extended.

Before we get into what is stuffed in these containers, we have to understand why the pros need something so large.

Here are the main reasons you see so many ballooning bags:


These bags pretty much act like billboards during the match. Just like NASCAR stock racers are painted with their brand sponsors, a pro golfer's sponsor has their name plastered all over their bag. 

When a golfer signs a contract with a specific brand, they are required to use that brand in all public settings, including tournaments. 

Sponsors want their name and logo to appear as large as possible, so they will shell out extra bucks to ensure the bag is big enough to read from across the course.

Ultimate Protection

A professional cannot let a single scratch, ding, or bump ruin their clubs. Anything that changes their grip or the club’s feel can cost them the round. These bags are almost half padding, with each club given a wall of cushions to keep it safe. 

Plus, when sponsors pay for the clubs, the golfer cannot afford to take out a bruised or scratched club. Every piece of gear must look shiny and new to reflect positively on the brand. 

Intense Heft

The base weight for these behemoths generally clocks in around 10-15 pounds. That's before adding even a single club. We know golf is good for your health, but lugging around something so big will break your back! The only way to move these on a golf cart is with the assistance of a caddy.

As you expand reinforced storage space, the weight must also go up. These staff bags do not even come with wheels.

What Do Pro Golfers Bring in Their Bags?

What could go in all this room? You might be surprised just how many items find their way into a staff bag.

How many of these objects do you pack for your weekly round?


The most prominent item is the golf club. With 14 dividers, the pros always bring out a complete set!

Expect to find at least the following in their bag:

  • 3 woods
  • 3 wedges
  • 1 putter
  • 1 hybrid
  • 6 irons

Of course, every player is different and knows what precise club they need to succeed. But even the most confident players always bring more clubs than they could ever use in a single round. 

On tour, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Extra Golf Gear

Headcovers are essential for keeping your clubs free from dings and damage. Every single club will have its very own headcover to ensure long-lasting quality.

The pros pretty much bring an unlimited supply of balls. You'll never see a pro scrambling to find that single lost ball.

Professional golfers also usually keep a few pairs of golf gloves tucked away. Different levels of grip are appropriate for different styles of clubs.

Rain Gear

Anyone who has played golf in the South knows that rain is a reality on the green. While some tournaments will cancel pro games if the weather becomes too severe, most games continue in a drizzle. 

A golf umbrella will keep the bag dry and prevent any clubs from rusting or wearing out. A big enough umbrella also keeps the player dry. A wet golfer never swings as powerfully as a dry one!

The pros also bring raincoats and towels to keep everything dry. 


When a pro is out playing for hours at a time, there's no moment to grab a sandwich. Packing plenty of food and water maintains the high level of energy necessary to play a full 18 holes.

Some amateurs will overlook this and end up paying the consequences.

Gear for Unforeseen Circumstances

Caddies have been an essential part of the sport since at least the 18th Century. Their duties include planning for every possible situation on the course. 

A caddy with a working relationship with the player knows if they need more towels, extra visors, a favorite drink, or even a change of shoes. 

You might be surprised to find some of the items tucked away in the deepest corners of these massive golf bags.


Think about a pro's bag like their mobile office. It has everything they need for a full day of work ready to go. 

The pros know what they need, then overpack to what the layman may consider excess. But imagine being one club short or out of towels on a sweltering day — these are risks the players cannot take.

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