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Aug 01, 2021
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

3 Best Golf Bags For Push Carts — The 2022 StitchGolf's Guide

For many avid players, golf is a time to de-stress from daily routines and enjoy the slower-paced, simple pleasures life has to offer for many avid players. You meet up with friends, enjoy a cold beer, and leave your work phone on mute for the afternoon.

When heading out on the course, you want to focus on your game above all else. Why add unnecessary stress to your day by lugging your equipment around on your shoulder? With the right push cart and golf bag combo, you can limit strain on your body and put your full effort into your game. 

But when it comes to push cart compatibility, not all products are created equally. Here, we’ll walk through the absolute best golf bags for push carts so you can make the most of your time on the green.


Our Top 3 Golf Bags For Push Carts of 2022

Finding the best cart bag can be a big challenge for golfers. You want something that fits all your unique needs and does more than simply carry your clubs.

Push carts can majorly simplify your time on the course, but only if they are compatible with your bag. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot of time adjusting your push cart and keeping things from falling out of your bag. You could be spending this time perfecting your game and enjoying the company of friends.

We believe that all golfers deserve a fair shot at an excellent game, free from avoidable distractions and headaches. Here are our top four recommendations to make that happen. 


If you’re looking for a classic, no-frills golf bag that has everything you need and more, this staple SL1 is for you. This is a golf bag for the player who wants to let their game speak for itself. Not all golfers need to show off with a flashy cart bag. If this sounds like you, this may just be the ideal bag to store and carry your clubs.

Sleek and classic in design, this minimalist golfer’s dream bag comes in black, gray, navy, or white—neutral colors that won’t distract from the quality of your game. But don’t let the subtle aesthetic of this golf bag fool you. The vintage-inspired bag packs a punch.

Designed with a unique blend of durable fabrics, this bag is incredibly durable without sacrificing its lightweight nature. With a weight of only 57 ounces, it’s one of the best golf bags for push carts or to carry. The comfortable, single-strap design makes it a multi-functioning powerhouse.

Featuring ample amounts of storage, the classic SL1 has two side saddle pockets to hold larger accessories. It also has two vent pockets on top, perfect for smaller valuables or even to hold a beverage while you play. Dividers allow you to keep your items organized and in place, so you don’t have to pause to dig around for a missing accessory in the middle of play. Your clubs will be held snugly in place as you make your way across the green.

With excellent storage capabilities for your clubs, handy dividers, and smartly-placed pockets, the SL1 is the perfect touring bag. Compatible with a push cart or perfectly lightweight for carrying on your shoulder, the classic SL1 bag will protect the integrity of your clubs without any extra hassle.

SL2 Americana

Feeling Patriotic? The SL2 Americana is for you. This cart bag features perfectly placed hints of vibrant red, surrounding a base of rich blue and pure white. And because the material is stain resistant, you can rest assured the colors, just like those of the American flag, won’t lose their brightness over time. 

Using STITCH® proprietary blend of highly durable fabric, the construction of the SL2 Americana is unmatched. Weighing only 4 pounds, it is easy to carry or effortlessly attach to a push cart to maneuver across the green. 

One of the incredible perks of the SL2 design is the interchangeable single and double strap feature. This gives golfers incredible versatility and makes the item more accessible to a variety of players. It also has a convenient stand, making it a great option for golfers no matter how they prefer to cart their clubs during play.

The pockets of this product are unmatched. With fully-sealed zippers on all pockets, you can rest assured that your valuables and accessories are secure and safe. The SL2 Americana features one extra-long apparel pocket, a smaller pocket for golf balls, and a felt-lined pocket for valuables. It even has an insulated pocket to store a beverage. Whatever your needs on the green, the SL2 has an intelligent storage system to handle it.

With multiple dividers, this cart bag has plenty of compartments to securely store all your clubs. A great walking or cart bag alike, this versatile golfer’s dream fits as comfortably on a push cart as it does on your shoulder.

SL2 Fashion

This is the golf bag for golfers who want to not only play their best but look their best. The SL2 Fashion is a sleek and striking product that will attract eyes and turn heads on the green. Available in a plush baby blue color, it can be styled to match with a variety of outfits. Club storage never looked so elegant. 

The SL2 Fashion makes a great cart bag for push carts but is also designed to work wonderfully when walking your equipment. With two options for easily changeable straps, single and double, this golf bag carries as much convenience as it does in class.

Constructed with leather-strong fabric, this item boasts water resistance and is lightweight to boot, weighing in at only 4 pounds. The material is highly durable and is able to safely store your favorite clubs whether carried on your shoulder or in a push cart. 

When it comes to pocket storage, nothing beats the SL2 Fashion. This cart bag has specially crafted pockets for everything you can imagine, from beverages to golf balls and everything in between. Plus, all pocket zippers are fully sealed for added protection.

The 4-way dividers in this golf bag make it an easy solution to keep your clubs organized during play. You can effortlessly select the right club and move through play a little more easily with the SL2 Fashion at your side. 

With an attachable rain hood, you can trust that this product will hold up and protect your clubs no matter what the weatherman predicts. Want to add a touch of flair to this already fashionable cart bag? You can have it personalized to your liking with a minimalist ingot, truly making this incredible golf bag one-of-a-kind. 

What To Look For When Choosing a Suitable Golf Bag for Push Cart

As you may have noticed, there are a few key aspects that all of the equipment we’ve listed here have in common. This isn’t just by chance! There are essential elements in design and functionality that set certain cart bags above the rest. To help you in your quest for the perfect pick, here’s what you should always look for.

Adequate Storage

The whole point of using golf bags for push carts is because they are supposed to simplify your club and accessory storage during play. Finding one that has all the storage capabilities you need is key! 

Look for equipment that has plenty of pockets for accessories and clubs while on the green. The more smartly designed pockets your equipment has, the easier it’ll be to navigate finding items at the moment you need them. 

Think about what you usually have with you during play, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Some golfers love having cold beverages with them, so finding a cart bag with insulated beverage pockets is a major plus. You should also look for a product that has the correct number of dividers for the types of clubs you carry, as smart dividers can help protect your clubs and majorly simplify storage.

Reasonable Weight and Size

One of the major perks of a push cart is that you don’t have to walk your equipment on your shoulder during play. That said, golf bags for push carts should still be a reasonable weight as to not slow you down while trekking across the course.

Finding a lightweight bag can make an immense difference in the quality of your experience during play. 

The size is just as important as the weight when it comes to finding a perfect club storage solution to go with your push cart. If the bag is oversized, it is likely to continually fall off of the push cart. If it’s too small, it may slip off. Find a sturdy, lightweight bag with a slim profile that will fit securely in a push cart for the utmost ease.

Excellent Durability 

The material matters. If your cart bag is constructed with flimsy fabric, it will not retain the shape it needs to protect your equipment. You want to look for a sturdy, well-made material that strikes the perfect balance between being lightweight and durable.

Additionally, opting for a product that is waterproof can help prolong the life of your golf bag as well as the life of the clubs you carry in it. Moisture can cause clubs to rust and speed up decay, so you must choose a cart bag material built to hold up against the elements.

Some materials are even stain-resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about the bag getting scuffed up during play. When built with good quality material, your equipment will look its best for the long haul.


Still uncertain what bag to go for? Don’t sweat it! Here are some common questions asked by professional and amateur golfers alike to help you pick the perfect cart bag.

Do I need a bag specifically for a push cart?

There are many types of golf bags on the market today that are designed for various types of use. Staff bags are massive, professional-level bags that are used primarily when you have a caddy to haul your equipment during play. 

Cart bags are designed specifically for use with a push cart, featuring straps that hold the bag securely in place and accessible pockets. Although these bags are designed specifically for use with push carts, they are not the only compatible type. 

Carry or stand options can also function excellently with a push cart. You’ll want to make sure the size and shape of your golf bag are compatible for push cart use and that you can still easily access all pockets you need during play. 

Do golf cart bags fit on trolleys?

The short answer is yes, cart bags fit on trolleys. But no two trolley designs are exactly the same. When shopping for the right cart bag and trolley duo, the best thing is to compare specs for items to ensure compatibility. You want the trolley and bag to provide everything you need as individual items, but when the two fit together, it can make your time on the golf course a walk in the park.

Is a golf bag a must when using a push cart? 

There is no rule that states that a golf bag must be used when using a push cart. That said, a push cart is rendered relatively useless when a cart bag is not present. Although some push carts offer storage solutions of their own, the real purpose of these bags is to support the easy use of a golf bag. Push carts alone do not feature the helpful pockets and dividers that bags do. To ensure proper storage and security of clubs, you’ll want to opt for the combo.


Golf bags for push carts can make your life on the green effortless by cutting out the hard work of hauling heavy equipment around. The top-notch products we mentioned here provide ample storage with smart pockets and useful dividers, and are durably built to last.

When you can fully focus on your game and enjoy the company of your peers, an afternoon on the green is an unbeatable escape. Upgrade to a cart bag today and enjoy the game of golf more fully.

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