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Jan 03, 2024
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

6 Best Lightweight Golf Bags in 2024

While some golfers spend their days on the course, riding from hole to hole on a golf cart, ditching the cart in favor of walking can be a nice change of pace. 

However, walking the course with a massive cart or tour bag does more than cause discomfort—it can be damaging to your health in many ways. That’s why it's vital to have a lightweight golf bag to avoid getting fatigued from the weight while you play 18 holes.

If you enjoy walking the golf course, you need to focus your search on weight and comfort. Check out these reviews to find the best lightweight golf bags in 2024.

Best Lightweight Golf Bags in 2024 Review

There are tons of golf bags on the market today, but only some can meet your expectations of weight if you're looking to stay away from the heavier options.

Shrink your search by narrowing it down to the lightest and highest-performing golf bags. Here are our top six best lightweight golf bags for 2024 and why we recommend them:

#1 SL2 Solid Golf Bag

The SL2 Solid Golf Bag has earned the title of “the perfect walking bag.” Indeed, countless golfers have switched to this lighter option. It’s ideal for the days when you choose to walk instead of riding in the cart. In total, the bag only weighs 4 pounds. 

Thanks to the proprietary fabric used, the bag is more durable than leather yet weighs substantially less. Aside from the weight of your clubs, you'll hardly realize there's any extra weight added at all.

We've found that many golfers love this bag because it checks their boxes for weight and durability and doesn't compromise on style. It includes a full-length apparel pocket, a valuables pocket, and a golf ball pocket. It also has a pocket dedicated to insulating your golf beverage of choice. 

The bag is incredibly functional. The top of the bag features a 4-way divider that makes it easy to grab your club without struggling. Plus, it includes the versatility of a single-strap option or a double-strap option and the convenience of a stand, so you can set it down when needed.

Some of the stand-out features of this bag that may catch your eye if you're looking for the best lightweight option include:

  • - Lightweight—64 ounces (4 lbs.)
  • - Stain and water-resistant fabric
  • - Sealed zippers
  • - Gunmetal finishes
  • - 4-way divider at the top

#2 SL2 Camo

The SL2 Camo bag offers the same great features and functionality as the SL2 Solid bag, but with a fresh take on camo that will turn heads and serve you well.

Rather than the same solid blocked coloring, this version features a navy top color and a navy, blue, and white camo print on the bottom. On top, there's a pop of orange with the classic Stitch branding that adds that extra bit of pizzazz.

Made with Stitch Golf's proprietary fabric, this bag can withstand more than leather without all the weight. 

You shouldn't forget the incredible features of the SL2 bag that make it shine among competitors:

  • - Only 64 oz (4 lbs)
  • - Attachable rain hood
  • - Resistant to water and stains
  • - 4-way divider at the top for easy club access
  • - Helpful pockets for apparel, valuables, water bottles, scorecards, pencils, and balls

#3 SL2 Americana

For someone who loves the look of the navy but isn't crazy about all the camouflage of the SL2 Camo, the Americana might strike the perfect balance. 

This bag, made of the same excellent STITCH® Touring Fabric as the other SL2 options, keeps the navy on top and the pop of orange from the brand logo. The bottom is a clean and light cream color with navy accents and piping. You'll see that same pop of orange again in the stand, adding a bit of flair to an otherwise professional and clean-cut bag.

The SL2 offers all of this style with even more impressive features, like pockets specifically made for all your golf accessories, like balls, water bottles, apparel, and valuables so that you can walk hands-free around the course.

Plus, at just 4 pounds, you'll hardly notice it's hanging on your shoulder.

  • - Weight only 64 ounces
  • - Multiple storage options for apparel and equipment
  • - Attachable rain hood
  • - Made with proprietary STITCH® Touring Fabric
  • - Two-shoulder harness system

#4 SL2 Fashion

The SL2 Fashion leans into the monochrome look with head-to-toe light blue STITCH® Touring Fabric with a few navy details here and there, plus the orange Stitch logo. 

Nothing but the colors have changed on this model, so you'll still get the same great features you know, love, and expect from Stitch. That means tons of pockets, a durable stand, a stain- and water-resistant outer layer, and a divided top to make finding your next club easier. And at just 4 pounds, you'll have enough endurance to carry this bag around a full 18 holes without worry.

At Stitch, we try to strike the right balance between function and fashion, and with this bag, we feel like we got it just right. The toned-down sky blue matches the mood for those sunny, cloudless days on the course. 

  • - 4 pounds
  • - Versatile pockets (includes insulated beverage pocket)
  • - Two-let stand
  • - Stain and water-resistant fabric
  • - Divided top for easy club access

#5 SL2 Colorblock

The final version of the SL2 range is the Colorblock. If you like options, this is the bag for you. Find a colorway that suits you and your personality—choose between white and black, navy and white, or a breathtaking all-white.

If you're a weekend golf warrior who won't shy away from an opportunity to walk the course now and then, this bag can go from cart to the green with ease, thanks to its featherlight body and durable construction.

While this iteration upped the style, it didn't change anything about the bag itself, so it comes loaded with features you didn't even realize you needed until right now:

  • - Only weighs 4 lbs
  • - 4-way divider at the top to make organizing clubs easy
  • - Customized pockets for everyday items like water bottles, golf balls, and apparel
  • - Proprietary touring fabric material that is water-resistant, durable, and lightweight
  • - Colorblock design options in black, navy, or white

#6 SL1 Golf Bag

Want something a bit more sleek and streamlined? You'll love the SL1. It’s a slimmer version of the beloved SL2 that packs a punch even with its smaller size.

This bag's construction starts with the same excellent Stitch fabric, tested, tried, and true. It weighs even less than its SL2 counterparts, coming in at just 57 oz rather than 64 oz. Because of its single strap design and lightweight nature, many golfers have dubbed it “the perfect caddie bag,” and we can see why.

The bag doesn't have quite as many pockets, but it has pockets where it matters. It features two side saddle pockets on either side, which makes it easy to switch the bag from your right to left shoulder as needed. On top, two vent pockets are perfect for storing a water bottle or beverage and any important valuables you bring on the course.

The SL1 is an excellent choice for traveling golfers or those who prefer walking to riding in the cart most days. Its minimal style, single strap design, and straightforward storage make the bag feel vintage yet classic in all the right ways.

Other notable specs include:

  • - Wide bag feet
  • - Comfortable single strap
  • - Durable side pockets
  • - Tonal bottom and legs
  • - Only 57 ounces
  • - Can hold 14 clubs
  • - Water and stain-resistant material
  • - Option to personalize with initials

Benefits of Walking a Round of Golf

The benefits of walking instead of riding a golf cart are indisputable. The Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences even completed a study on the benefits near Denver, Colorado.

The study analyzed energy consumption and scoring during a nine-hole round. Each golfer played four rounds, with slight variations during each round. In the first round, they carried their bags. In the second round, they pushed a cart. In the third round, they had a caddie, and in the fourth, they rode on a motorized cart.

The researchers found that the golfers expended the most energy when carrying their bag and walking, although the numbers were similar to the energy burned pushing a cart.

The more energy expended, the more calories burned, and the better exercise it is. 

While the health benefits of walking are hard to ignore, several other benefits add to the allure of walking a round of golf.

Health Benefits

Walking on a golf course isn't a stroll. It's a hike over a long distance, often with changing elevations, while carrying a large bag on your shoulder. It takes a level of physical endurance to do the walk with the weight on your shoulder, and Harvard Health even says you can burn up to 900 calories just walking with clubs on your arm. 

Part of what gets you to that level of calorie burn is the swinging clubs over your shoulder, which require sneaky core work and balance in addition to your steps.

Walking instead of taking a motorized option (escalator, elevator, moving walkways, and even golf carts) is always a healthier option. As long as you don't have any current health problems preventing you from walking long distances, it's worth giving it a try at least once in a while simply for the health benefits it provides.

More Time to Strategize

In addition to the health benefits, walking also gives you more time to strategize in between holes and shots. It’s one way to ensure you're bringing your best game to every swing. 

Driving is undoubtedly more convenient and faster than walking. However, you don't get that additional downtime to go over your last shot in your head, figure out what you can do better, and develop a game plan for the next hole.

Cost Savings

There's also a significant cost saving when you walk the golf course rather than pay for a golf cart rental. These cart fees can add up, and if you're playing 7 days a week, you can face a hefty bill. 

Walking is always free. If you make it a habit to walk more than you ride, you'll end up cutting costs on your golf habit that you may be able to use elsewhere, like a new set of irons.

Social Benefits

Riding in separate golf carts separates the group in between holes, which minimizes socialization time. Part of the fun of golf is spending time together with friends and colleagues. However, if you spend most of that time on individual golf carts, you're missing out.

Walking means everyone can stay together and move at an enjoyable pace from hole to hole, chatting and laughing all the way.

Staying Present

Walking takes longer, which gives you more time to take in your surroundings and become more mindful and present in the current moment. You can look at the trees, trace the path you want your next ball to take, enjoy the weather and enjoy what you're doing, who you're with, and the memories you make along the way.

What to Look for When Choosing a Lightweight Golf Bag

When choosing a lightweight golf bag, you should narrow your search based on weight, obviously the most critical factor. But beyond that, you should also consider how durable the bag is, what kind of club dividers it has, and the strap situation.


Of course, weight is the most important thing. The average golf bag weighs about seven to eleven pounds, so a lightweight bag would be any bag between three and six pounds. The Stitch Golf bags featured here are all four pounds and below, making them a top choice for the best lightweight golf bags.


Durability is key. You'll be walking with swinging clubs in your bag, so you need a bag with sturdy construction that's not too thin but also not too bulky. You want it to last, even with the addition of swinging weighted clubs inside. 

It’s also unavoidable that some days on the course, you’ll have to muck your way through rain showers and mud. You want a bag made of fabric that’s durable enough to hold up against the elements.

The material itself will tell you a lot about a bag's durability. Stitch Golf bags are all made of the same proprietary material that is stronger and more water-resistant than leather but impressively lightweight.

Straps and Weight Distribution

Does the bag offer a double strap option or just a single strap? You should also look at how the pockets impact the way you can carry the strap. 

The SL2 bags feature a double strap, providing better weight distribution. Overloading one side can be uncomfortable, and worse, lead to neck and back pain. Weighing down one shoulder will make the muscles in your upper back and neck overcompensate. 

Club Dividers

Club dividers aren't necessary, but they're a beneficial feature, especially if you're walking with a golf bag. Dividers keep your clubs separate within your bag, so they're easier to spot and grab as you need them.


The best lightweight golf bag is one you can carry on your shoulder for a full 18 holes without feeling too heavy. Try to look for one under six pounds, but any bag that's four pounds or less is ideal. With a manageable weight, you'll find it easy and refreshing to switch up your golf game and walk the course instead. 

Shop our collection of golf bags to find a light, stylish, and functional bag you'll never want to put down.