Jan 02, 2024
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

5 Best Minimalist Golf Bags in 2024

When it comes to owning the best golf equipment, your focus is probably on what kind of clubs you're going to use. However, your golfing bag is just as important. 

Without the proper storage, your clubs can become damaged more quickly, which can weigh down your entire game. On the other hand, an oversized bag or too many non-essentials can encumber your play. Lugging around a massive pack will only tire you out and detract from your stamina.

In this guide, we'll be taking you through our top five picks for minimalist golf bags. That way, you can carry just the essentials and focus on the game. We also take you through what you should be looking for when purchasing your own. By the end, you'll feel fully equipped to make the right choice.

1. SL1 Golf Bag

The SL1 Golf Bag is the quintessential minimalist bag. It features Stitch Touring fabric, assuring durability that remains lightweight and water-resistant. As the lightest bag in the Stitch collection, it weighs roughly 3.5 pounds. A single-strap system cushioned for maximum comfort when walking the course, making this pencil bag the perfect Sunday golf bag.

There is limited storage provided with this bag, but there's still plenty of space to accommodate a shorter game. Two top vent pockets with side-saddle pockets give you ample room for everything you need. It also benefits from a reliable stand, so you can set it down with ease and not worry about it falling, even on uneven terrain.


  • - Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • - Single divider fits 14 clubs
  • - 12inX10inX36in


2. SL2 Camo

Advertised as the perfect walking bag, we're inclined to agree. Crafted from Stitch's patented Touring Fabric, this bag is designed to last longer and withstand all weather. It has the strength of leather while remaining lightweight and water-resistant. It also features a stylish blue camo design. 

When we say this bag is lightweight, we mean it, as it weighs in at only four pounds. With a two-shoulder harness system in place, too, it's no wonder the SL2 Camo is considered the perfect walking bag.


  • - Weight: 4 pounds
  • - 4 Dividers
  • - 11.5inX9.5inX35in

3. SL2 Solid Golf Bag

The original SL2 golf bag, this addition features just about everything the SL2 Camo has just without the pattern. This bag is perfect for players who prefer a more classic style. In terms of features, the SL2 remains loyal to customer favorites. 

Four dividers, weighing only four pounds, and the patented Stitch Touring fabric all come together to create a highly effective bag. It has one full-length apparel pocket, a pocket lined with felt for storing valuables, and a golf ball pocket. There's even an insulated pocket to hold a drink. It's difficult to ignore the appeal of this bag. 


  • - Weight: 4 pounds
  • - 4 Dividers
  • - 11.5inX9.5inX35in

4. SL2 Colorblock

This SL2 release combines the solid color and camo editions in terms of style. The Colorblock design features two solid colors: black and white or navy and white. Alternatively, you can opt for an entirely white SL2. 

The Colorblock release emphasizes customization, with interchangeable single and double straps and your choice of adding an ingot with your initials. Designed with the ‘weekend golfing warrior’ in mind, this is perfect for casual players. 


  • - Weight: 4 pounds
  • - 4 Dividers
  • - 11.5inX9.5inX35in


5. SL Cart Bag

Cart bags are for transporting in your golf cart, so you won’t usually find them on a list of minimalist golf bags. Still, despite being a cart bag, the SL Cart Bag is incredibly lightweight, as indicated in the name. SL stands for Superleggera, Italian for lightweight. Even when fully stocked with all the equipment you need, it won't weigh you down, thanks to the lightweight but durable material and the load distribution. 

In terms of ample storage capacity, the SL Cart doesn’t disappoint with plenty of space for your clubs, water bottle, golf balls, towel, and other gear. 

It is one of the larger minimalist bags out there, so consider that before purchasing. 


  • - Weight: 9 pounds
  • - 5 Dividers
  • - 16.75inX12inX36in

What Are Minimalist Golf Bags?

Sometimes referred to as Sunday golf bags or pencil bags, minimalist golf bags are generally smaller than your standard bag. The most significant difference is their weight. 

They are, by design, much lighter than the golf bag you may ordinarily use. Golfers usually opt for these lightweight options when playing shorter rounds or walking the course. You can also use them for driving courses, where you don't need as much equipment with you as you usually would. 

Essentially, they are the perfect bags for a more relaxed golfing experience. They are ideal for a weekend getaway or a short afternoon game. They aren't the apex for storage or features, but they aren't supposed to be. Their simplicity is their strength and appeal, all in one. 

Depending on your particular play style, a minimalist bag may be the only one you need. If you play exclusively for recreation or relaxation rather than a professional level, you likely won't need a tournament-style bag.

For many players, a significant source of enjoyment with golf is walking the course, and it can be great exercise too. Minimalist golf bags are perfect for this, thanks to their lightweight design and use of stands or straps. They are capable of carrying everything you need for a laid-back game without weighing you down or holding you back. 

All you need to do is decide which bag will suit your needs the most, and we have some tips to point you in the right direction. 

What to Look for in the Best Minimalist Golf Bags

So, now you know what minimalist bags are and you've seen five of our top recommendations, it's time you learned what you should look out for when buying your own. There are a few attributes you should pay particular attention to, so let's get into it. 

Storage Capacity

Although minimalist bags are small and lightweight, you still need to consider how much they can hold. Even playing nine holes may require a variety of clubs, so it entirely depends on your play style. 

Some players can play with just three clubs, whereas others may need as many as eight or even more. Only you know how you like to play, so make sure that your minimalist bag caters to that. 

Number of Dividers

Keeping your clubs separated in your bag is key to maintaining their health. When metals knock or rub alongside one another, they can become scratched or damaged. 

Your clubs should last for years, but exposure to rain or improper storage can significantly reduce that. Dividers keep everything apart, so your clubs can stay intact for longer. The more clubs you carry, the more partitions you need your minimalist bag to have.

Strap System

A key component of minimalist bags is comfort while carrying them. Before committing to a purchase, check out the quality of the stands and straps attached. 

Carrying a golf bag on your back, even a lightweight one, can put some strain on your muscles. Ensure it's comfortable to wear with an adequate strap system. Your best bet is to look for padded straps or a two-strap system.


Maybe one of the most important things you need to be looking out for is the actual bag's weight. 

Only you know how much you can comfortably carry around the course. Most minimalist bags are lightweight, so they don't put too much strain on you, even when walking 18 holes. 

Still, some are heavier than others, especially the larger ones. Don't just assume that a minimalist bag will be easy to carry. Always check the weight specifications before purchasing.


As noted, the purpose of minimalist bags is to keep things lightweight and easy to carry. Items like the Sunday bag became popular for this reason because golfers playing on Sundays knew that caddies wouldn’t be on hand to transport their items.

All this is to say that the function of the bag is crucial to consider. If you want the bag to play with your Sunday crew, your priorities will probably be weight and ease of use. Something like the SL1 is your best bet here. 

On the other hand, if you prefer to walk the course, look for something with a two-strap system to make it easier to carry.


Part of the focus of the minimalist movement is reducing wasteful consumption that results from the rapid cycle of fast fashion. Investing in quality products means buying replacement items less often, and that sustainability is what minimalism is all about

More often than not, reputable brands produce reliable products. After all, they haven't established themselves in the market for no reason. You want to invest in a bag that will last, so don't cut corners on quality. 


You should always try to seek out the best deal, but never at the cost of quality. You get what you pay for in most cases, but you don't need to pay out well beyond your budget to find a suitable bag. 

There are plenty of high-quality bags on the market that remain affordable. You just need to seek them out. A minimalist bag should never cost the same as a full-sized tour bag.


There's nothing better than playing 18 holes with the perfect bag for a short course. Don't underestimate the difference the right golf bag can make! 

You're officially ready to buy your first minimalist golf bag with our suggestions. The SL1 is the lightest option here, even with the stand. But the two-strap option on the SL2 or the surprisingly lightweight design of the SL Cart Bag may be more suitable for your needs

Browse our golf bags collection for further inspiration if you still can't decide. Shop STITCH today—we're sure to stock something that you'll love.