Feb 28, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

What Is Minimalist Golf?

Critics often view golf as a sport of excess in the outside world. 

Avid golfers know what the sport is truly about—and it's not pointless finery. When you strip away all the layers, golf is about striving for precision and getting into a flow on the green. It's about having fun. It's about sport. And when it all boils down, you don't need many material items to play a knock-out round and feel fulfilled by the sport.

If you're ready to ditch the extra weight and get back to the heart of the game, minimalist golf may be just what you're searching for in your life.

Standard vs. Minimalist Golf

Minimalist golf is all about a mindset. If you believe that you can successfully tackle a round of golf without all the bells and whistles you typically cart around with you, why not give it a shot?

For a typical day out on the green, you'll load up your golf bag with 14 clubs. But that's not all! You also need gloves, tee towels, divot tools, balls, a water bottle, and more. And while some of this is essential (please, stay hydrated), you can play a successful round of golf without all these items.

A minimalist golfer ditches many of these add-ons and even opts for fewer clubs in their bag. And we don't mean leaving one or two clubs at home—experienced minimalist golfers may view more than 5 or 6 clubs as lavish!

Don't knock it until you try it. Let us walk you through the perks of minimalist golf.

What Are the Benefits of Minimalist Golf?

Here are some of the top benefits of minimalist golf.

Less Expensive

People frequently associate golf with being an upper-class sport, but that isn't an innate feature of the game. Over time, the culture around golf has progressed upward, and players require more and more equipment on the course. In reality, the sport itself doesn't need very much, and minimizing the expenses associated with golf can help make the sport accessible to more people.

Imagine how much money you would save if you weren't continually investing in the newest, best set of clubs. Instead of investing in and routinely upgrading 14 clubs, what if you just had a trusty few? 

Choosing to own and play with fewer clubs is a wise move financially. Purchasing individual clubs is far more affordable than sets. Many manufacturers allow customers to order single irons. Plus, it's fun to mix and match and create your perfect mini-set to show off on the course! 

Lighter Golf Bag

It may surprise you to learn that golf has higher injury rates than many other sports, including baseball, rugby, and combative sports. With bodily harm presenting as a real risk for golfers, athletes participating in the sport must take precautions to limit that danger. 

One way to do this is to carry fewer items around the course with you. In doing so, you limit the physical strain you put on your body that could exacerbate existing injuries or put you at greater risk of getting hurt.

Since the shoulder is a common site of injury for golfers, carrying a lighter bag can drastically minimize the risk of injury. 

Typical golf bags weigh around 30 pounds when packed! Even with dual-strap systems, that's a lot of weight to carry across a golf course. Minimalist golf allows players to carry far fewer clubs and accessories with them during play, reducing the excessive bodily strain of a traditional golf bag.

Fewer Options, More Freedom

Have you ever stood in a grocery store aisle and just stared at the wall of bread, too overwhelmed by the options to make a choice? The longer you spend mulling over the decision, the further away your goal of eating a sandwich travels. 

This barrier to effective decision-making is what is happening, on a slightly (but only slightly) smaller scale every time you step onto the green with 14 clubs in your bag. Yes, of course, certain clubs have specific purposes and are used in unique circumstances, but there is always that moment of hesitation as you decide which club to dig out of your bag. 

With fewer clubs, you have the freedom to get more creative and develop genuine skills with the clubs you do have. You won't waste time debating what the perfect club to use is. Instead, you'll put that energy towards creating your best swing. You won't rely on the clubs to carry you as much. You may even realize how much you can do with less, taking your game to a whole new level.

Increased Focus and Enjoyment

Pause and ask yourself why you got into the sport of golf in the first place. Was it for fun? Was it a good way to bond with friends and unwind on the weekend? Minimalist golf can help you get back to those roots.

If you use fewer clubs, there's a better chance you'll make sure you really like the clubs you do have. That means that every swing you make is one you'll enjoy making. 

Plus, with fewer distractions buried in your golf bag and fewer clubs to dig through to find the proper selection, you can focus on what matters: playing your best and having a good time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQs about minimalist golf.

What Are the Minimum Golf Clubs Needed?

Truthfully, if you really want to go for it, you can play a round of golf with a single club. Yes, you read that correctly: one club.

Finding your perfect club may be a fun challenge to give yourself, with room for lots of practice and exploration along the way. 

That said, many minimalist golfers will play with 5-7 clubs.

Can You Play Golf With Just 5 Clubs?

Of course, you can play with only five clubs! The art is in choosing which five you carry. 

Many golfers mix and match what goes into their bag, often including a driver, putter, and wood with one or two irons and wedges

Ultimately, you're the only one who can decide what you need to play a successful round. And figuring out which clubs you need in your bag can be part of the fun.

What Do I Need to Be a Minimalist Golfer?

The question, perhaps, should not be what do you need, but what don't you need. You will need a few clubs to play, obviously. The exact number is up to how minimal you want to go. As we've discussed, you can successfully play a round of golf with five clubs or less! 

In addition, we'd suggest you invest in a high-quality Sunday bag or another type of minimal golf bag. These smaller, lightweight bags don't offer tons of extra storage space. This way, you won't be tempted to fill compartments and pockets with junk you don't need to truly enjoy a day on the green and play your best.


It's easy to get overwhelmed with too many options in daily life. With so much in the way, we can lose focus on what matters: golfing. If you're ready to upgrade your golf game by downgrading the number of clubs and accessories you cart across the green, then minimalist golf may be just the thing for you. 

Need a lightweight Sunday bag or essential accessory for the new venture? Stitch Golf has just what your minimalist heart desires.