Oct 26, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Do Staff Bags Fit on Golf Carts?

To up your game, it's essential to have the right equipment, but all those clubs can start adding up. As their number rapidly rises, you'll probably start looking at larger bags, such as staff bags, which have become common in golf. These are what you see caddies lugging along during a professional golf tournament, but they are also frequently seen in the amateur game.

Yet one question we often get regarding staff bags is whether you can fit them on golf carts. So, without further ado, let's get into answering it.

Can You Put a Staff Bag on a Golf Cart?

The simple and easy answer is yes - while the more complicated version is yes, but with several limitations that you need to keep in mind. Various factors, such as size, weight, cart restrictions, and placement, can affect whether a staff bag fits on a golf cart. So before you throw it on and drive onto that first fairway, look at the points mentioned below.

What To Consider Before Setting a Staff Bag on a Golf Cart


Staff golf bags are big; there's no way around that, with some much larger than others. Their size makes them perfect for professional golfers but can be restrictive if you're trying to sandwich them onto a golf cart. Staff bags and golf carts range in size, and there's no guarantee that the first will fit onto the second.

Cart Restrictions

Even if you can fit your staff bag onto the cart without a problem, the golf cart itself may have restrictions on how much weight it can hold, or the club may have a rule prohibiting it. If you're unsure, it's always worth checking with somebody in the clubhouse before starting your round.


Another point to consider is the overall weight of the bag. Ever seen that cartoon when somebody puts a hefty bag in the back of a car or truck, and the vehicle simply falls back on itself? Well, the same can easily happen on a golf cart. It paints an advisory warning, at least! Staff bags usually weigh between 10 and 15 lbs when empty, so things add up when you throw 14 clubs in there. 


It's obvious where you should put your bags on a golf cart, but how you place them can also determine whether you can drive safely.

A common problem is uneven weight distribution which could cause a golf cart to topple on its side. If you carry staff bags on your cart, ensure you’ve placed them evenly, or you could find the cart sliding over when it makes a turn. Most accidents are fairly minor, but the United States sees around 15,000 injuries annually due to golf car incidents.

Securely Attaching the Bag

Once you're sure you can put a staff bag onto your golf cart, you'll need to find a way of securely attaching it. Most golf carts have straps or brackets that you can use to secure your bag, and we can't stress using them enough. A loose and incredibly heavy bag rolling around in the back of your cart is like having a baby elephant riding on your back - no fun and dangerous.

Before you set off, ensure everything is secretly attached, and remember to repeat the process every time you start driving. It might feel like a waste of time to keep securing your bag but trust us, having to go back and pick up your bag and clubs strewn across the fairway after they've all fallen out will take much longer.

Tips for Carrying Staff Bags if They Can’t Fit on a Golf Cart

If you find that your staff bag is too big, bulky, or awkward for your golf cart, don't despair. Here are three alternatives that can save the day. 

  • Shoulder straps - Staff bags are heavy, but if you're feeling particularly determined, you can simply attach a shoulder strap to your bag and fling it over your shoulder. You wouldn't want to do this for an hour straight, but it's perfectly acceptable for the short walks between shots. 
  • Mounted bag holders - The next step would be a mounted bag holder with wheels that you can place your staff bag on and then simply wheel along the course. Simple and easy, with only minor effort. 
  • Hire a caddy - Lastly, if you don't mind splurging a little, why not hire a caddy to take care of your staff bag? Professional caddies make good money on the PGA Tour, but you can often hire a local caddy to carry your staff bag for between $25 and $100 an hour, depending on the location.

Final Thoughts

Staff bags make a lot of sense if you need a lot of equipment on the golf course. With plenty of pockets and numerous dividers, you can fit just about everything needed for a challenging round of golf. However, they're not for everybody, and their size, weight, and cost can turn off those who feel they don't need something quite so extensive. 

If you are looking for something more manageable, head over to Stitch Golf, where we've got an array of golf bags suited to that very need - still with more than enough room, but without that astonishing weight and higher prices.