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Dec 20, 2021
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Do You Need a Golf Bag to Play Golf?

Yes, you do need a bag to enjoy a game of golf, in fact, most clubs will not let you on the course without a bag of your own.

They are designed for the job and will protect your clubs during your rounds.

There are different golf bags, so it is vital to identify the right one for your needs. Key factors include the number of clubs you want to carry, the type of course, the amount you play, whether you walk or ride on a cart and any other items you might want to take with you.

Is a Golf Bag a Must-Have to Play Golf?

While you will be able to hit off a few rounds without a bag, you will not get very far without one. Even casual golfers take four or five clubs out to the course; good luck holding them all in your hands!

The health benefits of golf depend on proper form, juggling all your items counteracts any positive takeaways.

Plus, a golf bag is a chance to show off a designer label or a stylish, eye-catching design. A bag is second only in importance to your clubs.

It is the perfect complement to them, as well as offering protection and easy portability.

A golf bag is also designed to hold other things apart from your clubs and can keep safe and essential items like cell phones and wallets dry. Some bags even feature pockets for cold drinks and snacks while on the course!

What Other Equipment That You Need to Play Golf?

Your bag will be packed up with your favorite clubs, but any spare room is a chance to bring more items.

What other equipment do you need to play golf?


Gloves are essential to protect your hands and to keep a firm grip on the golf club. 


Golf shoes provide traction and grip for when you take that swing and will also ensure comfort for long hours on the course.

Keeping shoes in your bag means they are spick and span when taking them out on the course. Leave the scuffs to your sneakers!


Tees are to sit the golf ball on when you tee off from the teeing ground, they are made from either wood or plastic and are usually brightly colored.


Golf balls are easy to lose. If you are a beginner or novice, you already know this. Save yourself the trouble and pack extra.

Should I Get a Stand Bag or Cart Bag?

The answer to this depends on your game and where you play. 

Cart Bags

Some golfers vow to never walk on a course and enjoy taking a cart everywhere. These players will be happy with a cart bag.

Cart bags have pockets on the front and sides, while the back is flat and absent of features so that it can sit securely on the golf cart. Cart bags don't have fold-out legs, but most will sit happily on flat ground and not fall over.

Cart bags tend to be heavier than stand bags, but ideally, you will not carry them long distances. Pick a cart bag with a padded handle so that when you do have to carry it, say from the car park to the course, it is comfortable.

Stand Bags

Most recreational golfers enjoy the ease of a stand bag. They are smaller, lighter, and more portable than cart bags.

They usually feature a device that releases a pair of legs when you sit the bag down, positioning the bag at around a 45-degree angle, making it easier to select your club. Always look for carbon-fiber legs as these maximize both strength and stability.

Stand bags tend to have fewer dividers to keep down the weight. There are models which offer 14 separate club slots, although these bags get heavy fast.

Some designs have a flexible strap system which allows you to convert to a backpack style of carrying rather than having just one strap over the shoulder.

There is also a resurgence in yesteryear's retro designs, and the carry bag is making a comeback on the golf scene. A carry bag is solely designed to be positioned over the shoulder and then laid flat on the ground during play.

The carry bag is a throwback to the golden golfing years of the 1970s and many modern designs mimic the minimalist retro style of this era.

What Every Golfer Needs in Their Bag?

Golf balls, clubs and tees are apparent, but what else should you be carrying in your golf bag?

Some wet weather apparel is always a good idea. Don’t forget a water repelling hood for your golf bag, so your clubs stay dry. For some players, that golfing umbrella is essential. 

A sun hat or cap with a visor will help your game; harsh glare has ruined many under-par games!

A spare pair of golfing socks and a small towel can always make life more comfortable for long walks between tees.

A rudimentary First Aid kit can be a good option if you have the room, especially if you walk the course rather than ride and are a long way from the clubhouse.

Many golfers forget this — but bring food and water! High energy bars and drinks will keep you going during an all-day game.

The savvy networker will always carry some business cards – you never know who you might meet on the fairway.


You don't need a golf bag to drive off a few shots, but the right golf bag will protect your clubs and transport them in style, and also store other items essential for a long day on the course. 

Choose the right golf bag, and it will transform your game!