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Dec 07, 2021
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

What Is the Standard Size of a Golf Bag?

If you've spent enough time on golf courses, you're probably aware that people's golf bags vary in size, shape, and weight. It makes sense, considering that a golf bag is typically chosen based on personal preference. As a result, there is no definitive answer to the perfect golf bag.

However, there are some standards across the board for the three primary types of golf bags: carry bags, cart bags, and stand bags. 

So what is the standard size of a golf bag? Continue reading below to learn more about golf bag sizes and why they matter. 

What Is the Standard Size of a Golf Bag?

The average height of a golf bag is roughly 36 inches without clubs. If you add clubs, you can expect a bag to be around 50 inches tall. 

The exact height of your bag will depend on what kind of clubs you're carrying. However, you probably won't ever surpass 50 inches using conventional clubs. 

The diameter of a standard bag is usually 10 inches. This space accommodates all the items that a golfer may carry. 

For convenience, try only to pack the main clubs you'll be using. Being intentional about selecting your clubs will ensure that your carrier is a comfortable size that's easy to lug around the course.

What Is a Good Weight for a Golf Bag?

Like height, the weight of your golf bag depends on how many clubs you're carrying. The more clubs, the more weight you'll need to carry around. 

The rules of golf allow players to carry up to 14 clubs on the course. With a full set of clubs, you can expect your carrier to weigh about 30 pounds. 

That said, some pros use extremely heavy clubs. As a result, their tour bags can reach a whopping 50 pounds. Luckily, they usually have a caddy that does all the carrying. 

The bags themselves often only weigh around five pounds. Manufacturers make their carriers using lightweight materials, such as nylon and canvas. 

A comfortable weight depends entirely on how you play the game. If you don't mind carrying your bag over your shoulders, you can opt for something lighter. If you plan on using a cart, a heavier carrier may not make a difference. 

How Is a Golf Bag Measured?

Manufacturers use a vast array of high-tech measuring tools to get accurate dimensions. They also determine the desired measurements based on what kind of bag they're making. 

To try and maximize space, designers need to get creative when adding features such as pockets, apparel pouches, and straps. 

What Are the Different Types of Golf Bags?

Not all golf bags have the same dimensions, so when discussing the “standard” size, it’s helpful to break it down into different types of golf bags. The specific types of carriers are suitable for a certain playing style. 

Here are some of the most common kinds you'll see on the course:

Tour Bags

Tour bags are typically only used by professionals, but nothing is stopping you from using one. They are often the most luxurious options due to their many features. That said, all those features also make them larger than other bag types. 

The pros love them because they come with all the space they need to carry their essentials—tees, gloves, refreshments, apparel, etc. 

Furthermore, they are highly reliable since they consist of the best materials available. 

With a starting weight of around 10 pounds and going up to as much as 45 pounds, tour bags can get heavy fast. That's why professionals have a caddy that carries their bags for them.

Stand Bags

Stand bags are known for being light. The average weight is around 5 pounds, making it easier to carry around the course. 

They stand upright using a retractable stand, allowing the golfer to have their bag right by their side as they play. 

Consider looking into stand bags if you're a golfer who likes to carry your bag. You can find some with genuinely outstanding features to enhance your experience. 

Cart Bags

Hence the name, cart bags are designed to be carried on a cart or trolley. These bags tend to have a rubber strip at their base to prevent them from shifting while on a push or electric cart. In terms of weight, they come in at about 7 pounds. 

While 7 pounds is quite heavy, cart bags make up for it by attaching to a cart. If you like to relax and travel the course by cart, perhaps this is the right type of bag. 


The world of golf is an extensive one. A lot more goes into it than swinging a club and getting a ball in the hole. Bags are an extremely crucial factor in golfing, so having the right one is vital to perform at your best. 

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