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Dec 30, 2021
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Where Can I Get My Golf Bag Embroidered? A Complete Guide

When it comes to golfing, how you look on the course is almost just as important as how good your technique is. 

Clubs often uphold specific dress codes and standards to ensure that their players look professional on the field. 

Carrying your clubs in a bag that also bears your name and personal or team logo is truly the sign of a great golfer. 

That said, great style comes with a price tag. Check out this complete guide to the ins and outs of custom apparel embroidery so that you can snag one of these custom pieces for yourself without breaking the bank. 

How to Get Your Golf Bag Embroidered?

 1. Choose a Location

When making a custom purchase, you must be comfortable with the supplier. So take the time to shop around a bit to ensure that you are getting both top quality and a reasonable price. 

2. Customize the Design

The beauty of a customized item like a golf bag is that no two are ever the same. 

It’s really up to you to pick what words and logos you want in the embroidery. Pick the colour and matching fabric that you think best accentuates the design, and you’re good to go. 

3. Request a Proof

A proof is only necessary if you’re making a bulk purchase, i.e., ordering for a whole team. Nevertheless, it is still absolutely crucial if this is the order scenario in which you find yourself. 

Before the manufacturer goes ahead and embroiders dozens of bags (and you get charged for them), you’ll want to double-check that the order is as you’d like it. 

Have them send you a sample of one first so that you can confirm everything, from the colour of the thread to the size and font of the lettering. 

4. Ship Bag or Panel

If you already have a bag and just need it to be embroidered, then you’ll need to send it away for the work to be done. 

Shipping a whole bag can be inconvenient and pricey, though, so it’s ideal if your golf bag has a removable panel that you can send to be embroidered instead. 

The Best Places to Get Your Golf Bag Embroidered? 

 1. Golf Club Tournaments

One of the reasons why embroidered golf bags are such a mark of professionalism is that they are traditionally given out at official golf tournaments. You, too, can receive a personalized golf tote or other equipment if you manage to qualify for the suitable events. 

Even if you aren’t professional or playing in the most prestigious circuits, many golf tournaments and clubs will still offer embroidered bags for sale to those golfers involved. 

2. Local Embroidery Shop

Going to a local embroidery shop or tailor can seem like such an antiquated activity in the age of online shopping. Why seek out a specialist when what you want can be accessed with just the quick press of a button, right? 

The answer is quality! While pictures look good online, sometimes they can lead to massive disappointment when the product arrives in the mail. Perhaps the material isn’t sturdy enough, or the colour of the thread is off-putting. 

Whatever your dissatisfaction, chances are the local embroidery shop will prevent this kind of reaction. 

They usually consult with their clients face-to-face to have a strong sense of the final product. They also take pride in the delivery of good work and so are more likely to use quality materials and apply thorough technical expertise. 

Small businesses such as embroidery shops are all about building customer relationships, so your happiness with the final product is their ultimate goal. 

On top of that, you might save money going the local shop route. Small business owners and artisans tend to charge slightly more for the materials and labour, but you won’t have to pay to ship. 

3. Golf Bag Supplier

As much as we proclaimed the benefits of going through a local embroidery shop above, it might also be the case that a sports apparel manufacturer is the best way for you to go. 

Chances are, your favourite golf equipment supplier will have tons of options for you to choose from when it comes to picking out the right bag. After all, the embroidery could be a masterpiece, but the bag still needs to meet your requirements too. 

Many suppliers offer the option to add some custom embroidery along with your order, which could end up being pretty cost-effective if you don’t have to ship a bag back and forth to be embroidered separately. 

Large-scale equipment manufacturers also usually have bulk purchase options and deals available. So, if you need to order for the whole team, call around to get some quotes. 

How Much Does Golf Embroidery Cost?

Like most other things fashion- or sports apparel-related, the cost of golf embroidery varies greatly depending on exactly what quality or design you are after. 

A pre-made design will likely cost significantly less than something you’ve custom-drawn yourself (such as a business logo or unique nickname), which will entail a more involved production process. Similarly, a smaller, more subtle design uses fewer materials and time to create and should not cost nearly as much as something meant to be a significant focal piece. 

That said, there are some variables within your control and tricks you can implement to cut down on a costly embroidery print. For one, the location of your embroidery shop is a huge factor. 

Probably one of the cheapest ways to go about getting a custom embroidery is actually to simply add it on as an upgrade when you initially go about ordering a new golf bag. That way, the location won’t be a factor, as you’ll be paying to ship the bag regardless. 

Often, custom embroidery gets charged by the character, so using an abbreviation or a nickname could be an easy way to create the same effect and only cost a fraction of the price. 

While there is no strict industry standard, most custom embroidery jobs run somewhere in the range of $25 to $75. Keep an eye out for company specials, though, and you could get that number as low as just ~$15 for a bag upgrade. 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend a fortune to look like you belong in the Hall of Fame

How to Remove Embroidery from Golf Bags?

Embroidery can seem like a permanent move when ordering a new golf bag, which often prevents buyers from adding one of these bold statements. What if you want to sell the bag someday? Or gift it to someone else? 

In reality, though, removing embroidery is such a cost-effective and straightforward process that we suggest you never let it hold you back from designing the golf bag that you truly want. 

Sometimes golfers have inherited the bag from someone else with a different name or style. Other times, they’ve just decided that a custom bag isn’t for them anymore and would like it gone. 

We’ve even seen a bag or two that was picked up in a thrift store for such a reasonable price that the previous owner’s name was not enough to deter the buyer from purchasing. There’s no need to let a perfect bag go to waste simply because the customization no longer applies. 

To remove embroidery, all you need is a stitch remover and a pair of scissors to trim back the loose thread. Taking care not to rip or mar the surrounding fabric, you can easily pull the embroidery thread from its place with the sharp, flat edge of the stitch remover.

Since the fabric used to make golf bags tends to be on the thicker side to hold up for many trips around the golf course, you might experience more resistance than you expected when ripping the seams. Try not to yank too hard, or you might create a rip. Instead, be patient and know that the seams will come out eventually if you keep applying steady pressure to the thread. 

You might be thrown off by seeing some fading underneath the pattern or a few small holes where the thread had previously punctured the fabric. A professional tailor will be able to fix these inconsistencies in no time.    


Even the best golfers could use a little help looking more professional out on the course. 

Forget working on your swing or your stance. A streamlined sporting aesthetic is the difference between an amateur and a champion. 

No matter their expertise, every golfer should get the opportunity to show off a custom embroidered golf bag. 

The feeling you’ll get when you see your name or favourite logo emblazoned on your golf bag is unmatched. There’s no way that rush of confidence won’t carry over into your golf game overall.