Feb 11, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Can You Wear Leggings To Play Golf?

Anyone who’s stepped foot onto a golf course knows that there are two games at play: golf and fashion. Indeed, golf attire has dominated the game almost as much as the tournaments themselves. It’s quite the spectacle! After all, did you see the precedent-setting shoes Tiger Woods wore to the Augusta National in the Spring of 2022?

But while Tiger’s shoes turned everyone’s eyes, we can be sure they were within regulations and - most importantly - fit for purpose and comfort. So, are there any gray areas in golfing attire? How about something undeniably comfortable and perfect for reaching a full range of motion, but you’re just not sure if it’s allowed? Something like leggings.

We’ve got all the answers below.

Can Women Wear Leggings on the Golf Course?

Do you live in your leggings? Does the idea of wearing absolutely anything without an elasticated waistband make you shudder? You’re not alone. But if you also happen to be a golfer - budding or professional - you may find yourself questioning whether your favorite piece of athleisure is even allowed on the course.

You’d be right to consider that, as golf has famously strict rules when it comes to course attire. But we’ve got good news: as the game modernizes with the times, so, too, do the rules. And while these rules remain uncompromising for tournaments, most clubs will allow leggings on the course these days. Let’s learn more.

Why Are Leggings Only Allowed Under Shorts Or A Skirt?

So, back to those rigid rules. If you’ve checked in with your club for leggings confirmation, you may want to clarify one other thing. Can they be worn as is, or do they need to be layered? In other words, do your leggings need to be covered by shorts or a skirt?

The answer is likely to be yes; they need to be covered. This response stays in line with an update to the dress code from the LGPA back in 2017. Even though it received a fair amount of criticism at the time, the rules have stuck.

But why? The most likely answer is to do with the formal appearance golfing apparel has always strived for. As we said earlier: fashion is a serious business in the golfing world.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Leggings to Play Golf?

Free Range Of Motion

When discussing the benefits of wearing leggings, we could talk for hours. (We love comfort - what can we say?) The elasticated waist, the warmth, the flexibility - the ease. This garment has almost zero downsides. It’s an all-around winner with versatility like no other.

But what about specifically playing golf? One of the top benefits would be the free range of motion you get while wearing them. Playing golf, you may find yourself in all sorts of situations, and you don’t want anything ruining your swing. If you’re down in a bunker and need to get your legs planted nicely to chip the ball back onto the course, leggings will support you no matter your position.

Oh, and another benefit? You'll look fantastic! Follow Tiger Woods' steps: if you're going to play golf, make sure you look good - and feel good - doing it.

Heat Regulation

Another handy benefit of wearing leggings while playing golf is heat regulation. When the weather is warm and the sun is out, there’s nothing better than feeling the breeze on your legs. But when it’s cold? That’s a whole other ballgame - pun intended!

Sometimes a pair of pants just won’t do the trick. Leggings provide an extra layer of warmth and comfort on colder days. Indeed, they offer an opportunity to keep playing this game we’re all fans of here at Stitch Golf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wear Yoga Pants To Play Golf?

The short answer? Yes! The longer answer depends on whether you play at a club or a tournament. You might need to wear shorts or a skirt over leggings if you play in a tournament. A tip: always refer to the game’s regulations for an up-to-date dress code.

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So, there you have it. Let the leggings live! While we always recommend checking the rules and regulations of your upcoming clubs or tournaments, the general rule is: yes, you can wear leggings. Keep in mind, though, that you may need to wear shorts on top. 

With this great news, why not treat yourself to a brand-new pair of leggings and a travel bag perfectly designed for all your golfing needs? At Stitch Golf, we have a full range of golf gear available, and we’re always happy to assist with any golf-related queries. Get in touch now!