Mar 12, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

What's Golf Casual Attire? Perfect Your Swing with Style!

While many dress codes for sports have become less strict over the years, golf retains its investment in tradition and etiquette. Golf decorum might seem daunting for new players, but following a few simple guidelines will get you in the door almost everywhere. 

Golf casual attire is a dress code that meets the standards of many golf venues. However, it is slightly less formal than the strictest country club dress codes. 

This dress code is roughly on par with clothing you would wear to work in an office setting. Expect to look professional but comfortable.

The Basis of Golf Dress Etiquette

While golf is an individual sport, your actions affect the experience of everyone around you. This communal atmosphere requires some basic agreement on dress etiquette and other behaviors on the course.

Basic standards help to create an environment that is distraction-free and respectful. Just as you wouldn't wear inappropriately short skirts or shorts to work, you shouldn't wear them to play golf. 

Your attire also shouldn't harm the playing grounds. While cleated shoes are fine and sometimes called for, most courses now bar shoes with metal spikes as they rip up the grass. Keep other players' experiences and the course grounds in mind when deciding what to wear.

So long as you dress somewhat conservatively and show respect for your fellow players, you'll be on par with most golf course dress codes. You can also consult the venue's website or call ahead with any questions.

Golf Casual Attire

The standards in golf apparel have roots in the history of golf as an activity of sport and leisure for the upper classes. Scots would wear caps and tweed jackets, befitting their social status.

Nowadays, that air of nobility doesn’t persist, and more casual attire is permissible. Here’s what you can wear on the course that won’t violate clubhouse dress codes.


When in doubt, assume that a collared shirt is in order for men and women. T-shirts and tank tops are generally not appropriate. 

A nice polo shirt is a great casual option, as are cotton, microfiber, or polyester golf shirts. Solid colors or understated patterns are preferable to louder colors and patterns.


Long pants like golf pants are always acceptable, and dress shorts may also be permitted. Denim is traditionally not allowed, so jeans are typically out of the question.

Capris or athletic skirts are also good options for the course, but workout, running, and basketball shorts are usually not permitted for men or women. 

The length of your pants, shorts, or skirt is the most critical aspect to consider. Avoid wearing inappropriately short clothing, as it can be distracting and disrespectful to your fellow players. 


Footwear is an essential component of a player's outfit, as the feet stabilize the body throughout your swing. Good shoes will help you stay steady and will also provide traction. 

Since playing golf often requires walking for many hours, sometimes in the hot sun, look for breathable, comfortable shoes. 

While metal spikes are no longer allowed on most courses, some courses require shoes with spikes made of hard rubber or plastic. Check with your playing venue before attending if you have questions.

Sandals, flip-flops, and other ordinary street shoes are usually not permitted. Sneakers or running shoes are sometimes permissible.


As with the rest of your outfit, your socks should be practical and complement your attire. Avoid loud colors or patterns. 

While long argyle socks are typically associated with the game, you can wear shorter athletic socks. Keep in mind that the sock material you choose will impact how dry and cool your feet stay while playing. 


Hats are by no means required but can be particularly useful in the spring and summer months when the sun is shining. Baseball caps and visors are often a good choice for playing the back nine. 

Avoid wearing fedoras, cowboy hats, or beanies. Keep it simple, not flashy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know a Venue's Dress code?

Before attending a new venue, you should always check the website to confirm their dress code. Try calling before visiting if the club does not have a website or hasn't updated it recently.

Are Chinos Ok for Golf?

Chinos are typically acceptable for playing golf, but you should keep in mind that golf pants will be more breathable. If you're not sure whether a particular club or course will allow chinos, just give them a call.

Get Fitted for A Tee Time

Whether you're new to golf or a seasoned pro looking to brush up on the latest dress code standards, golf casual is a great option for hitting the course. You can play comfortably while looking professional and maintaining respect for your fellow players. 

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