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Jan 06, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Can You Wear Golf Pants to Work as Dress Pants? What to Know

Deciding what to wear to the office can be a complicated process. What qualifies as business casual, and what can you wear on Casual Friday?

It can be difficult to conceive a middle ground between blue jeans and a formal suit. 

Golf pants are a great option for those who want to look professional while feeling comfortable and unrestricted throughout the day. Golf pants are a fashion-forward option for most offices, made of lighter fabrics than traditional dress pants. 

Read on to learn about the many benefits of wearing a pair to work. 

Is It OK to Wear Golf Pants to Work?

Every workplace is different, and if your office has a dress code, you should consult it before wearing new types of clothing. You can also get a good sense of your office's culture by observing what your coworkers wear.

You will want to meet or exceed the level of formality in your office. In general, however, golf pants are a smart, professional choice for work. 

Looking professional at the office is paramount. Our clothing influences how our coworkers and clients perceive us; whether they know it or not, people make split-second judgments based in part on our attire.

Clothing plays a critical role in first impressions, which are essential to success at work. Research shows that people make assessments about someone's credibility and competence within the first 12 seconds of an interaction. 

Unique yet professional attire will set you apart from your competition. Showing your original sense of style through your clothes demonstrates a strong sense of self, both to new clients and old friends. 

Dressing professionally and comfortably can bolster your confidence in the workplace. Wearing golf pants at work can distinguish you as someone who takes yourself seriously, but not too seriously.

Are Golf Pants Comfortable?

Golf pants are incredibly comfortable. They are designed to be worn in all weather, making them perfect for unpredictable office climates. 

Golf pants are a great choice for summer weather, as they are usually made with moisture-wicking fabric. Even in the most hectic moments of your day, you'll stay calm, cool, and collected.

If you find yourself sweating the small stuff at the office or just sweating in general, moisture-wicking fabric is key. Light, loose clothing will make your time at work more enjoyable. 

Golf pants' athletic fit will leave you feeling more comfortable and limber throughout a long day. They're super breathable; you'll spend your time working instead of fidgeting with tight, restrictive clothing or wishing you were home in your sweatpants. 

Can Golf Pants Be Worn as Dress Pants?

Yes! Golf pants can be worn as dress pants, with a few exceptions.

Avoid loud colors or patterns if you're wearing them in an office or other professional setting. Save those for a Saturday on the golf course!

Neutral colors like blues, grays, and browns are great options for office wear. Solid colors maintain professionalism without garnering unwanted attention.

While it's good to make a splash at work, your ideas and work ethic should outshine your wardrobe. Our classic, and stylish Stitch Golf apparel is perfect for the office or hitting the links after work.  

Can Golf Pants Be Worn Casually?

Golf pants can be worn in many settings, including casual environments. One of the best things about golf pants is their ability to transition from casual to business casual seamlessly. 

Many people wear them from the golf course to the workplace to dinner or drinks out with family and friends. Most pairs will have pockets, a benefit both on and off the course. 

Casual settings, like restaurants, bars, and movie theaters, can be great opportunities for wearing a splashier pair that shows off your bold sense of style. Try out a brighter color or bolder pattern on the weekends.

You'd be hard-pressed to find another item in your wardrobe that is as versatile, stylish, and unique. 


While their name suggests limited use-value, golf pants can be worn in a wide variety of venues over a busy day. For example, you might get your daily exercise by playing a round before work; put in a full day at the office, and finish up with a family dinner—all without a change of clothes.  

Golf pants are a unique, comfortable addition to any wardrobe. Their versatility makes them a valuable investment for work and casual wear alike.

Browse our wide selection of Stitch Golf clothes for inspiration for updating your wardrobe for the office and casual wear, too. You'll be glad you did.