Oct 04, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Are Driving Ranges Open in the Rain?

Golfing is a sport you can play, come rain or shine. While it might seem that a bit of rain won’t hurt your game, it’s essential to understand that many factors determine whether driving ranges stay open or closed. Discover why driving ranges might close and how to carry on playing, even in the rain! 

Do Driving Ranges Close in the Rain?

Generally speaking, golfing is an all-weather sport, so driving ranges mostly stay open in the rain.

However, there are exceptions when it comes to extreme weather. For example, if there’s lightning, golfing should cease immediately, and golfers should seek shelter indoors until the lightning has passed. Driving ranges can stay open in the rain because cover is nearby, should it be required. Depending on the facility, some have covered sections so you don’t get wet.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, they provide relief from too much sun in the height of summer, so driving ranges cater to most eventualities. 

How Much Rain Does It Take for a Driving Range to Close?

If the rain is too heavy, it can force a driving range to close. However, if an ambitious range does decide to close doors for the day, it’ll be due to several different factors, not just the quantity of rainfall. 

Type of Hitting Surface

A primary factor to consider is the surface you’re using. Most golfers tend to use mats and grass tees when at the range. 

If your chosen driving range has mostly grass tee areas for you to practice, they’re likely to close sooner than those that use mats. Grass tees may create water pools, impacting the golfer trying to practice

For example, should you take a wet shot, the golf ball won’t travel the desired distance, but lots of muddy dirt will. Over time, it’s understandable that this would frustrate a practicing golfer and could start to ruin the grass tee for future users. Grass can take time to recover after golf clubs bash it, so driving ranges must prevent too much damage from occurring. If your favorite driving range has golfers ruining the tees, you won’t be able to practice, and your skills will deplete. 

Thus, it’s easy to see how owners are less likely to close the range if you go to a driving range with mats. For those golfers who don’t believe practicing on mats is as good as grass, they should consider that some high-end rugs now have built-in technology that allows a tee to adjust to replicate a natural grass surface. Of course, artificial mats mean the rain or golfers are less likely to ruin them, so it’s worth keeping an open mind with artificial turf as it might save your golfing day when the grass tee driving range closes. 

Covered vs. Uncovered Driving Ranges

It’ll come as no surprise that covered driving ranges are far more likely to remain open under heavy rain than those that aren’t. It’s good to note that stand-alone driving ranges are more covered than those attached to golf clubs. So, if it’s raining and you’re considering heading to your local golf club, call or look at online pictures to check your chances.

You should note that even covered driving ranges won’t allow play if there’s lightning, as it remains unsafe. Safety is paramount, and even officials will suspend pro rounds occasionally due to rain and lightning. 

Driving Range Pickers

When wondering whether golf courses are open in the rain, your first thought might not be about driving range pickers. However, the only way that golf balls return to the players is with a driving range picker. The range must close if that picker can’t travel because it's too wet or unsafe. 

2 Wet Weather Driving Range Safety Tips

Never Golf In Lightning 

While you might not be wondering if you can play golf in the rain, there’s still the question of thunderstorms. No sneaking onto any golf courses in a storm! 

After all, golf clubs are like big metal rods, which means that a lightning strike will be more likely to occur. A strike would no doubt cause serious harm if not prove fatal. Although golf is good for your health, avoiding golfing in dangerous conditions is crucial. 

Wear Gripping Golf Shoes

While you can play golf in the rain, you don't want to slip and injure yourself. Part of avoiding that is ensuring you investigate how to stay dry on the golf course. Dressing appropriately allows you to avoid unnecessary injury. 

No slips or falls will ensure you’re always on top of your game. For those who know they’re particularly prone to mistakes and falls, investing in grippy golf shoes is an absolute must!

Final Thoughts

While a bit of rain won’t hurt or close your local or favorite driving range, we recommend checking before you turn up to avoid disappointment. Make sure you dress for every weather situation, and update your wardrobe with Stitch Golf’s gear and apparel collections today!