Aug 08, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Can a Man Use Women’s Golf Clubs?

Back in the day, a golf club was a golf club, designed without gender bias but typically intended for men. Then, as women's golf began to take off and exploded in popularity, golf club makers began creating women's-only golf clubs to appeal to the new market.

But are women's golf clubs all that different from men's? And could a man get away with using women's clubs if he wanted to for various reasons?

Here, we'll look at the critical differences between men's and women's golf clubs, the potential impacts of men using women's clubs, and why some men might want to use golf clubs for women.

Is There a Difference Between Men's and Women's Golf Clubs?

When it comes to golf equipment, there are several main areas of difference between men's and women's versions, from their height and flexibility to club weight and grips.

Shaft Flexibility

Most women's golf clubs have more flexible shafts than their male counterparts. The greater flexibility is intentional. Club manufacturers do this because women typically have slower swing speeds than men. There's a bit less power behind the swing, requiring a golf club with more give and flexibility that can help them generate more speed.

For context, most men's clubs are designed with flex for swing speeds between 75 and 110 mph, while ladies' shafts are suitable for golfers with swing speeds under 80 mph.

Shaft Length

In general, women's golf clubs are also shorter than men's, and the length of the shaft primarily determines the club length. The grip and club head won't have as much of an impact.

Again, this is because women have shorter arms and smaller hands than men, on average. As such, they need a golf club that fits their physique and empowers them to take their best shots.

Men's clubs are based around a standard height of 5 feet 9 inches, while women's are standardized around a 5-foot 7-inch height.

Now, you can undoubtedly find varied shaft lengths designed for people much taller or shorter than average, but the typical women's set of clubs will be shorter than men's.

Grip Size

The grips on women's golf clubs are also typically smaller than those on men's. Women tend to have smaller hands, which requires a slimmer grip, so you're not squeezing too hard and feel in control of the swing.

While the grip is not necessarily an issue of gender, and everyone should ensure the grips are appropriate for their hand size, the options available on the market for women will be smaller than what you'll find in men's clubs.

Clubface Size

In addition to shaft length, the size of the club face is also smaller with women's equipment. A larger club face is helpful for golfers with slower swing speeds, so they can still make solid contact with the ball.

It's important to note that club size does not necessarily refer to the weight or overall length of the club. It only refers to the size of the club's face. So, while a man and woman could use the same length, the woman's club would have a smaller face.

Club Weight

Women's golf clubs are also typically lighter than men's because they typically have less power behind their swings.

Lighter clubs can be easier to swing and generate more speed, which is ideal for women golfers. On the other hand, heavier ones can help men get more distance on their shots.

The goal is to get your club as light as possible without threatening your control of the swing and accuracy. If a man uses a woman's club, it might feel light and exciting, but the accuracy of your shots may not be there anymore.

Loft Angle

The loft angle is the angle between the club face and the shaft, and it's one of the main things you can customize for different players.

A higher loft angle means the ball will go higher in the air but won't travel as far. A lower loft angle will send the ball lower to the ground but make it travel further.

Women's clubs generally have a higher loft angle than men's because they need help getting the ball in the air. A man using a woman's club might find that his shots don't go as high.

Why Might a Man Choose to Use Women's Golf Clubs?

Now that we've looked at some of the critical differences between men's and women's golf clubs, you might wonder why a man would ever choose to use women's.

There are a few reasons why a man might opt for women's clubs over men's, having to do with performance and physique.

Slower Swing Speed

One potential reason is that a man has a slower swing speed.

If you fall into this category, you might find that women's ones can help you generate more speed and power behind your shots. More flexible shafts and lighter club weights can be easier to swing, resulting in more distance.

Of course, if your swing speed is on the slower side, you might also benefit from taking lessons and working on your form to try and increase your speed.

Shorter Height

Another reason a man might choose women's golf clubs is if he's shorter than average. While there are certainly men's clubs designed for shorter golfers, the selection is not as robust as what you'll find in the women's section.

If you're a shorter man, you might find that women's clubs better fit your height and help you improve your game.

Smaller Hands

Finally, a man might use women's golf clubs if he has smaller hands. Again, while there are men's clubs designed for golfers with small hands, the selection is not as broad as what you'll find for women. 

If you're running into trouble finding a men's golf club that feels right in your hands, trying out some smaller-gripped women's clubs might feel better—and result in better shots!

So, Can a Man Use Women's Golf Clubs?

Now that we've looked at the differences between men's and women's golf clubs and some of the reasons why a man might choose to use women's gear, you might be wondering: Can a man use women's golf clubs?

The answer is yes—but it's not necessarily advisable. However, if you're a man with slower swing speeds, shorter height, or smaller hands, you might find that women's golf clubs can help improve your game.

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