Jan 01, 2024
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

10 Golf Gifts For Him in 2024

What do you buy for the man who golfs? It is a question that has left many scratching their heads in perplexity. New clubs, a polo shirt—perhaps even something personalized? 

For those with a limited understanding of the game, choosing a golf gift for him poses a challenge. After all, he probably owns clubs, golf balls, a golf bag—what else is there?

Sure, you can take a shot in the dark and hope for the best—or you can make it easy on yourself. Browse through our top ten golf gifts for him and find the perfect item he is sure to love. 

1. Travel Bags 

Golf is a game that tends to come with some traveling—to the local course, the club for business talks and socializing, and the golf vacation destination. Since it's also a pastime that usually requires plenty of gear, a travel bag is always a great option as a gift that will undoubtedly see plenty of use. 

A travel bag makes it easier to carry all the essentials that won’t fit in the golf bag itself. Shop for the right golf travel bag by looking at the range in style, weight, size, and use. You're sure to find whatever he's looking for that will let him travel and play with ease.  

2. Golf Polos

There is perhaps no other item of clothing more closely associated with golf than the trusty golf polo shirt. Long considered the upper-body apparel of choice for golfers, both for their stylish merit and requirement for many golf clubs around the world. 

Polo shirts have long been the accepted shirt style for golfers since the 1940s, when golfing style evolved from formal tweed jackets to more casual short-sleeved cotton shirts and slacks. 

Whether you're looking for something that will stand out boldly or something with quietly muted tones, we've got the selection that covers all bases.    

3. Pullovers  

As much as we like to imagine playing a round of golf under dazzling sunshine, that's not always the case. Sometimes, that polo shirt just isn't enough, and it's time to dig out that pullover from the depths of your bag. 

We provide an excellent selection of pullovers that range from the quick and easy midweight layer Scout ¼ Zip to the more advanced Enzo Hybrid Tech Jacket, one of our most popular items.  

4. Golf Bags

A man's golf bag says a lot about him, and as one of the most visible golf accessories, it's a hugely important piece of kit. Golf bags are the game's suitcases that no golfer can be without and provide space for clubs, balls, clothes, and more, depending on the type of bag. 

A brand new golf bag is not only a superb gift, but it's also one of the items that will surely see the most use over time. Even if he already has a golf bag, this gift is sure to please. Golfers need more than one type of bag. Whether he plays only on Sundays or rents carts and invites business associates for a round, different types of golf bags will suit different occasions. 

5. Sweaters  

Just like the trusty pullover, there comes a time on the course when a good quality sweater is an absolute must. We provide an excellent range of sweaters, including our ever-popular Speedster, effortlessly mixing old-school comfort with modern style. 

Golf sweaters and pullovers add that extra layer of comfort without compromising the player's swing or comfort,  and a high-quality product from Stitch does exactly that.    

6. Pants  

A smart pair of pants is a must for any self-respecting golfer, and they need to be in line with golf course dress codes. 

Our golf pants come in various colors to suit any style and a broad range of shapes, sizes, and materials appropriate for the most sophisticated, exclusive golf courses. 

7. Leather Headcovers 

Golfers aren't always necessarily known for their bold, stand-out styles. The course isn't exactly the place for that shockingly bright yellow shirt, but there are other ways you can quietly set yourself apart without becoming an eyesore.

Leather headcovers have become an increasingly popular way of personalizing golf equipment while providing a very real and vital purpose: protecting those all-important clubs. 

The headcovers are one area where golfers can let loose. Whether you're looking for something with a skull to strike fear into an opponent or a log of the good old-fashioned USA flag to show your patriotic pride, leather headcovers make an excellent and very personal gift.     

8. Jackets 

After getting the ball in that last hole, a visit to the club is usually in order. But a golfer can’t just wander through a classy bar in a sweaty polo shirt. 

A golf jacket keeps the player warm on those cold, windy days, and it's also an easy way to transform your hagged post-game look into a more refined, well-dressed attire, ready for the clubhouse.   

9. Valuables Pouch 

When lining up those all-important putts, the last thing a golfer needs are those distractions in their pockets. Valuables pouches have become incredibly popular in recent years, and Stitch Golf has two excellent choices on offer. 

The Roadster Leather Pouch is a compact pouch that is water and stain-resistant. Meanwhile, our Limited Edition Leather Valuables Holder takes things to a different level, featuring signature orange stitching for a stylish pop and personalization options. 

10. Hats 

As any golfer will tell you, walking out onto the course on a bright sunny day without that vital hat will only lead to trouble. Lining up that long drive is difficult enough without sun glare causing havoc, so you can never go wrong with a hat as a golf gift. 

Stitch Golf has a wide variety of golf hats, ranging from traditional tour and trucker caps to modern vintage visors. Whatever his style, we’ll keep the sun out of his eyes.      

Frequently Asked Questions  

What Is a Good Gift for Someone Who Golfs? 

With so many options, it's almost impossible to give a single concise answer here. Perhaps the best place to start is to consider whether there's anything that the golfer is missing or badly in need of an upgrade. 

Have you noticed their golf bag has started to look more like a well-worn army duffel bag instead of something they are proud to wheel across the course? Or perhaps that polo shirt they love so much has long stepped over the line of respectability in its various holes and stains?

If this is the case, your job might be considerably more straightforward. But even if it isn't, there's still plenty to choose from in your gift buying. High-quality polo shirts are always in demand for golfers, as are sweaters and pullovers, while a striking new set of leather headcovers never goes amiss. 

Finding a good gift for someone who golfs doesn't need to be a difficult decision, and with so many options, the biggest choice might be between what to buy and what to leave in the cart for next time.

Is a Rangefinder a Good Gift?

Technology often influences how the sport evolves, and the rangefinder is one such addition to the game of golf. A laser rangefinder is an excellent tool for those new to the sport who haven't quite gotten the bearings and distances aligned. 

Golf rangefinders allow you to measure the distance from where you're standing to the hole, hazard, or other golfers on the course. It's simple, easy to use, and certainly worth the money for the budding golfer.  


Buying a gift for anybody can be a stressful, anxiety-increasing experience. What if he doesn’t like it? What if he does, but you get the wrong one? This situation can be more stressful if you don't know much about whatever sport interests the person.

Your best bet is to consider what the golfer in your life needs and shop for high-quality apparel, equipment, and gear at a specialty golf store. 

Stitch Golf offers a huge variety of golf accessories, from clothing and bags to wallets, valuables pouches, and umbrellas. If you can find what you're looking for here, you won't find it anywhere. Shop Stitch Golf today for golf gifts for him, and get ready to see a smile on his face.