Apr 26, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How Often Should I Practice Golf?

Any golfer will tell you that golf isn’t easy, whether a golfing pro or a beginner. While strolling around the green in the sun might make golf look like a leisurely sport to some, it’s far from simple.

Even marginal errors in coordination, such as an incomplete swing, hip slide, or early extension, could dramatically alter your game and lead to massive mistakes. 

What do you think the best way is to combat these errors? Practice. 

The phrase “practice makes perfect” is no exception when perfecting your golf skill. Unless you practice, your chances of improvement, and overall enjoyment of the game, are slim. 

Read on to discover how best to practice your game of golf. 

Frequency of Golf Practice 

1 Time Per Week 

While it’s true that the more you practice, the better you’ll get, not everybody’s schedules or bodies can allow for that. Practicing once a week, you’ll still see your skills improve, but they’ll only improve up to a certain point. 

Because golfers who practice once a week tend to play golf for enjoyment, the fact that your skills will only progress so far may be acceptable for you. However, if you’re more of an advanced player and you’re finding that your schedule will only allow for one practice a week, then sadly, you’re likely to experience some skill deprivation. 

2 Times Per Week

Playing golf twice a week isn’t too large of a commitment, so if you’re a beginner and want to see more progress, moving to two times a week is a good solution.

Likewise, most intermediate golfers will see their skills mostly maintained. Even an advanced golf player can keep their craft at twice-weekly sessions on the green. However, two weekly golfing sessions will see skill deprivation for the most advanced players. 

3 Times Per Week

A three-day-a-week practice is a fantastic way to see quick improvement. You can use one day to practice, either on the green or at a driving range, depending on the specific skills you’re looking to improve. On the second day, you can implement what you've learned by playing a 9-hole round. Then on the third day, you can practice on or off the green depending on what worked well or didn’t work well on day two. We love the strategy around a three-day-a-week practice!

Practicing three times a week will give beginners and intermediates their desired improvement without causing burnout. If you’re an advanced player, practicing only thrice a week may be too few days and lead to skill deprivation. 

4+ Times Per Week

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player at the top of your game, practicing four or more times a week will see improvement. However, if you’re a beginner, be cautious about practicing this much because you can quickly burn out. For ambitious beginners, four or more times a week might seem like a great goal to aim for, but it's hard to sustain. 

While you want to improve, you also want to improve sustainably. Four or more times a week is an excellent frequency for advanced players who wish to retain their skill and avoid any form of skill regression. You should only play this often if you’re mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to do so; four times a week (or more) is a commitment and will often be very demanding, so be aware of what you’re asking of your mind and body. 

Type of Practice Session

The best weekly sessions will involve variety. If you’re only practicing once weekly, you could consider looking at your four monthly sessions and practicing different skills every other week. For those practicing more than once a week, you should incorporate sessions at the driving range alongside playing rounds of golf. 

If you need to practice your swing, the driving range is a great solution, especially if the range has a launch monitor to break down your swing. 

Alternatively, lessons from a coach are another great way to practice. A coach will highlight areas you won’t have considered and give you a tailor-made plan to improve. 

Being out on the green is necessary if you want to improve over the long term. On the green, you’ll be able to practice the different terrains and the effects weather conditions have.

You'll gain skills from each area by chopping, changing, and combing these different methods.

Duration of Practice Sessions

It’s clear that if you practice three times a week but only for ten minutes versus someone practicing for longer, you’ll likely see less progression.

Depending on the nature of your practice session, the duration will change. For example, a trip to the driving range doesn’t need to last as long as an 18-hole round. However, your typical practice session should last 30 - 45 minutes as a beginner.

3-4 days a week will see the most improvement; if you spread 6 hours of playing across those days, that’s approximately 1-2 hours each day. So use your time wisely and listen to your body when it needs to rest. Don’t cram those 6 hours into one day; an unsustainable practice could lead to injury or loss of motivation.

It’s always better to prioritize long-term sustainable practice over short-term intensity. With some planning, you can commit to shorter, more frequent sessions.

Is It Better to Practice or Play Golf To Improve Your Game?

When looking to improve, your weekly sessions should always combine the two. You can start by reviewing your weakness in a practice session and then implement new skills on the green. Once you do, you can re-examine how your practice sessions are going and decide if you need to make changes.

It would be best if you also found variety when playing golf. On days when you’ve got more time to practice, play an 18-hole game. Schedule this at least once weekly as part of your training, if possible. Then, when you have less time and are due a play on the green, play a 9-hole round.

Dos and Don’ts of Golf Practice


  • Practice at least once a week.
  • Combine practice at the driving range with practicing on the golf course.
  • Practice skills you lack.
  • Consider getting a coach for weekly, monthly, or even one-off sessions. 
  • Be realistic about what you can commit to. 


  • Push yourself too hard.
  • Spend training time on areas you’re good at.
  • Only practice on the range. 
  • Avoid the help of a coach if you’re not improving by yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Hours a Day Do Golfers Practice?

Every golfer has a different training schedule. For those practicing 3-4 times a week, each golfing session is likely shorter than an 18-hole round. Each training session should last 30 - 60 minutes as a beginner, with at least one round of 18 or 9-hole golf on the green each week.

Can You Practice Golf Too Much?

If you’re a beginner and try to practice golf four or more times a week, you’ll likely burn out or suffer an injury, such as tendonitis. It’s better to start small and build up to longer, more frequent training sessions.

Is It Ok To Play Golf Every Day?

With golf increasing life expectancy, it isn’t surprising that people want to get out on the green daily. 

Yet, doing any sport daily can lessen the love and decrease motivation. Playing every day also increases the chances of injury, so don’t feel you have to play every day to improve.

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