Jan 22, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

How To Store Golf Clubs

It's true: golf clubs get pricey, and you wouldn't want to invest only for your clubs to become damaged. Damage is ultimately unnecessary and easy to avoid. 

Storing your golf clubs for a few days or a few months? Beyond doing your own research on best conditions, we're here to guide you through keeping your golf clubs safe as a beginner or avid golfer. You're in the right spot!

Day-to-Day Golf Club Storage

If you're grabbing your golf clubs daily, temperature range is essential when storing them. If you're currently keeping them in the trunk of your car or garage, you may want to reconsider. Let's discuss how different areas might affect the condition of your clubs. Most importantly, they are best kept in dry environments that maintain an average temperature. 

Storing Clubs in the Garage

Many people keep their clubs in the garage, which isn't a problem if the conditions are correct. The biggest concern here is moisture. You must wipe down your clubs after use, drying them sufficiently before putting them back in your golf bag

If you're not actively cleaning and drying your clubs before storing them away, chances are that moisture has already made its way into your club bag. Garages can become breeding grounds for mold build-up because many have poor air circulation and insulation. You must ensure that your bag and clubs are dry before storing them in a garage. 

Remember that the garage isn't suitable if you're aware of an existing moisture problem in that area. In that case, we advise you to keep the clubs in your home instead. 

Storing Clubs in the Trunk of Your Car

Keeping them in your car might seem convenient, mainly if you use them daily or multiple times a week. However, given the option, we'd always choose a garage over a car. Why?

It's easy to damage clubs in the trunk while they jangle around and knock into each other. Add additional items to your trunk for a golf bag to crash into, and it's a recipe for disaster.

Another reason to avoid keeping your equipment in your car is the temperature. In the summer, for instance, even cars in the shade can reach internal temperatures of 100 degrees after only an hour. High temperatures are detrimental to the glues and epoxy that hold elements of your club together, causing it to break down over time. 

When considering the expense of some top-tier golf clubs, it's best to avoid early degradation of your valuable equipment.  

Long-term Golf Club Storage

Long-term storage is considered to be several months or more. The same basic rules apply to daily storage and long-term. 

Indeed, temperature and moisture are the main components to consider. Keeping your clubs in your trunk for a long time is a non-negotiable no. Well, unless you prefer dents and scratches!

Storing Clubs in the Garage

If you're sure a garage is moisture-free, it's a fine place to hold your clubs - with some obvious caveats.

Extreme or humid temperatures may potentially cause issues. Research tells us that the corrosive process is strongly influenced by humidity. Indeed, humid environments encourage the build-up of rust. 

Conversely, be mindful of garage temperatures in the winter, especially if your storage area isn't temperature controlled. Constant exposure to the cold could negatively impact your clubs just as much as the heat. The club head and shaft may be fine, but cold air could cause grips to become dry. Furthermore, constant cold could lead to dryness and potentially lead to cracks. 

Storing Clubs in the Home 

The best place to keep your clubs is right in your home. Your house is temperature-controlled; storage cupboards and the like will keep your kit safe from dampness. 

Even though a home is typically the safest place, the only way to guarantee that your kit doesn't get damaged by the elements is to clean them before putting them away. And importantly, make sure to dry them sufficiently too! Don't forget to dry the interior and exterior of the bag before storing anywhere. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Okay To Store Golf Clubs in Garages?

Yes, but the answer depends on the conditions of your garage. If the space is temperature-controlled and there aren't any issues with moisture or dampness, then yes. Otherwise, the garage isn't suitable due to extreme heat or humidity. 

Where Should You Store Golf Clubs in the Winter?

Your home's safest during winter, as it won't get as cold as a garage in plummeting temperatures. Plus, you can keep them out of the way in the safety of your home  You need to make sure they don't get knocked around! 

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