Mar 27, 2022
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Is a Waterproof Golf Bag Necessary?

Golf is a hobby and sport enjoyed by millions of players, commentators, and viewers every day. The thrill of the game is why many golfers will endure less than optimal weather conditions to the fun experience of playing golf, even when rain clouds are on the horizon. 

We’re not here to say that golfers shouldn’t play in the rain. But one of the risks of doing so is equipment damage, golfing with wet equipment that will drastically affect your performance, and sheer exhaustion from hauling a waterlogged golf bag. 

Still, is a waterproof golf bag necessary? Or is investing in a water-resistant bag sufficient? We address that and more, including the risks you take when you don’t get a water-resistant bag. 

What Happens if Your Golf Bag Gets Wet?

Rain and golf go together like rain and other sports — not at all. If it rains when you're out on the course and you get caught unprepared, it will affect the entire experience. 

What all can go wrong with your gear thanks to wet weather?

Water Damaged Gear

The most conspicuous issue to arise from a wet golf bag is water damage. If your bag isn’t water-resistant or waterproof, water will quickly seep through the material and soak everything inside—your clubs, golf towel, tees, balls, everything.

Cleaning up a water-damaged golf bag is not easy, and depending on the extent of the damage, it may be impossible to restore.

Beyond the bag itself, your clubs and golf balls also might become useless. Considering that some golfers spend an average of $250-400 on a single club, it stands to reason that splurging a little bit more for a water-resistant bag is worth it.

Don’t let such a precious investment go to waste—invest in a water-resistant bag.

Diminished Club Grip

The issues stemming from a wet bag go beyond the equipment. If your bag isn't water-resistant and it gets wet, it'll become waterlogged and saturate your gear — specifically your clubs. 

A wet club will diminish your grip and control over your club. Playing golf in the rain challenges you in every way possible, as a wet golf club is harder to grip. 

Without the proper grip, you might overcorrect and hold the club too tightly. A grip that's too tight increases tension in the forearms and wrist, which will limit shoulder movement. The issues cascade from there, leading to reduced swing speed and shot distance. 

Poor Control

Rain on your golf balls and clubs also negatively affects the control you would otherwise have over the trajectory of the balls. Striking a wet ball with a golf club with soaked grooves will affect its course. It can significantly increase the chances of a ball flying off haphazardly, even if struck by a professional. 

A water-resistant golfing bag can mitigate all these issues. It could even improve your performance and give you a competitive edge over other players if playing in suboptimal weather conditions. 

Are Water-Resistant Golf Bags Worth the Extra Money?

The short answer here is yes. Water-resistant golf bags may seem like an unnecessary expense, especially if you aren’t the type to play in the rain. But the reality is that you can’t always anticipate the weather, and getting caught out in a storm with a water repelling bag is better than taking your chances without one. 

From increased longevity to improved performance, the superiority of a water-resistant golf bag is self-evident. 

There is also the fact that the price difference between water-resistant and non-water-resistant bags isn’t that severe. You’re looking at an additional expense of $40-60 dollars. It’s a small chunk of change to protect gear that costs much more than that. 

How Do You Protect Your Golf Bag From the Rain?

Many newcomers to the golfing scene may not feel that they can afford to spend the extra money that often accompanies the price tag for a waterproof golfing bag. In that case, it would be wise to learn how to protect your existing equipment.

Waterproofing Solutions

It’s easy to waterproof a bag yourself using waterproofing sprays and sealers. Most outdoor supply stores will sell these items. 

You also can use a rain cover. It might not look clean and professional, but it should do the trick if an unexpected storm is in the forecast the morning you’re heading to the course. 

Drying Soaked Equipment

If you need to protect a non-water-resistant golf bag after it got soaked by the rain, you need to take a few steps to do so. 

You might be able to dry some of the items off while you play, but if you allow the bag to sit in your garage soaked for more than 24 hours, it will likely develop mold and mildew.

The first step is to empty the wet bag. By removing your wet equipment, you can dry all the gear and ensure that the bag doesn't get any more soaked from the watery contents. 

Once the bag itself is empty, you can turn it inside out to allow the inside to dry thoroughly. While you wait, you should take your golfing gear and dry that too. 

Drying your golf clubs after a storm is vital. Golf clubs consist of metal, which is susceptible to rust. If your clubs get wet and you neglect them, they will rust much faster. 

Taking care of your clubs is part of the purpose of any golf bag, and so you should pay extra special attention to them once you've played any games in the rain, even if your bag is waterproof.

Why the SL2 Golf Bag May Be the Perfect Solution

There are many water-resistant golf bags on the market. While these bags all come with various features and benefits, we believe one bag stands above them all — the SL2 Golf Bag

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This sleek-looking bag is lightweight, can double as a travel bag, and has a detachable rain hood. 

As far as simple, functional elegance goes, it's difficult to compete with this adaptive, durable item. It’s the ideal bag when you're out on the course and worried about the coming storms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Golf Bags Get Wet?

Yes, golf bags can get wet. Non-water-resistant golf bags can get wet from the rain, from placement on damp ground, or storing wet items. The water can transfer from the bag’s exterior to all the items inside it.

Want a Water-Resistant Bag? Shop Stitch Golf's SL2

While a rainy day can challenge a skilled golfer, it need not ruin your time and precious golfing gear. Investing in a water-resistant bag is the best way to protect your equipment and ensure that every hour spent on the course is a productive one where you can perform to your best. 

Don't let the rain keep you off the course—shop Stitch today. The SL2 will be your best friend, come rain or shine.