Oct 18, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Blade vs Mallet Putter: Which One Should You Use?

The putter is perhaps the most essential club in your golf bag, so whether to pick a mallet or blade design will prove crucial to your game. 

Typically, every player has their favorite. But which is best? You might have always used one putter and never tried the alternative, or maybe you’re a newbie and not sure which suits your stance and stroke.

Find out the key differences and which one you should choose to ace your game.

Blade vs Mallet: Which Putter Style Suits You?

Mallet and blade putters are the two different types, and their suitability depends on your skill level, swing, and expectations for precision and aim.

What Is a Mallet Putter?

Mallet putters are a more modern club with a larger head and a flat stick. The large size distributes the weight away from the face, offering the player balance and stability through the stroke.

Mallet putters provide choice in both the size and shape of the head. Coaches often view them as a ‘game improver’ compared to the more traditionally styled blade putter.

The extra weight helps the player by preventing the club from twisting as the stroke is played. The more prominent club face also means a larger sweet spot, making it easier to hit the ball in the center of the face.

The heavier weight also helps golfers who struggle to put enough force behind the stroke and don’t hit the putts hard enough. 

A mallet putter is designed to be face-balanced with the center of gravity positioned towards the back. This balance helps the club stay square to the putt as the stroke continues without any deviation.

 Is a Mallet Putter More Forgiving Than a Blade Putter?

Mallet putters are generally more helpful to the player than the blade alternative, but it depends on your stroke style. 

A mallet putter is balanced and stable at the crucial MOI—Moment of Inertia—and is designed to help make the putt as easy and accurate as possible.

A mallet putter makes it easier to hit the ball centrally, and the extra weight drives it forward. The weighting is designed to be towards the back and perimeter of the club, promoting stability and forgiving any player glitches or errors.

What Is a Blade Putter?

Blade putters are the traditional ‘go-to’ for golf purists and tend to be the favorite of pro players

The head of the putter is a classic shape, so straight. It is usually heavily toe-weighted with a particular sweet spot. The flange or back area of the putter is narrow or non-existent.

The sweet spot is nearer the heel, and the combination of this, and the heavy toe-weighting, inclines the design more towards a golfer with an arc in their stroke.

Blade putters come with various neck styles, including round, mid-slant, mini-slant, plumbing, or flare. 

Blade putters provide better distance control and accuracy on longer putts. For this reason, players consider them suitable for an advanced golfer looking for more precision.

Are Blade Putters Less Forgiving?

In comparison to mallet putters, blade putters are less forgiving. They don’t offer much leeway for rookie errors like failing to hit the ball with enough force or if a player struggles to get the ball toward the center of the club face.

Square-to-Square Stroke vs. Arced Stoke

Which type of putter to use depends on personal preference. However, pros and coaches will tell you that strokes naturally fall into two categories, a square-to-square or an arced stroke.

Working out which one you favor can help determine whether a blade or a mallet putter will be best for your game.

Square-to-square Stroke

When the club face is lined up square to the target and the movement is straight back and through, this is a square-to-square stroke. This type of stroke better suits a mallet putter.

Arced Stroke

An arced stroke is exactly as described, a stroke that curves slightly on its trajectory toward the target. This style of play suits a blade putter because of the toe-weighted design, and it’s easier to twist the club face during the stroke slightly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Blade or Mallet Putter Better for Beginners?

Mallet putters work well for beginners as they offer the stability needed to help control the stroke. The extra weight makes it easier to propel the ball forward and center it on the club's face.

Most golfers ultimately choose a putter based on feel, but the length of the putt is also relevant to which type of putter you should choose.

Choosing a Putter

There is a vast range of blade and mallet putters on the market with slight variations in specification and design.

Once a beginner has played enough rounds to no longer be a novice, then this is when their game is starting to develop. It could be the right time to experiment with different types of putters.

Try varying mallet putter designs—there are so many to choose from, so you have your pick. A blade style could be a better alternative if you’re developing an arced stroke for your game.

Choosing a putter can seem overwhelming since so many options are available. A custom fitting is a good way forward.

It’s always best for less experienced players to take advice from a pro when choosing a new putter. They can help assess your stance and stroke style, critical factors in determining the right type and design.

It’s tempting to copy the pros or be influenced by your golfing buddies, but if you’re unsure, then impartial and expert advice is the way to go.

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The right putter for you will be individual for your game and experience level. Most beginners start with a mallet putter, and there are lots of design choices that can help as your game develops.

Experienced players prefer the control and accuracy of a blade putter, but don’t forget the importance of stroke style. Choosing the right design can come down to that alone, with a blade putter better suiting an arced stroke.

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