Nov 09, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

What Size Golf Umbrella Should I Get?

Come rain or shine, golf is a sport enjoyed by many. One of its advantages is that you can play golf in all seasons, making it ideal for anyone who wants to get out in nature, enjoy fresh air, and practice their epic swing.

However, not all weather will make golf an enjoyable experience. The wetter and windier the weather conditions, the less enjoyable a golf game can become. That’s why the golfing umbrella was invented!

So, discover what size umbrella you need to ensure you get the most out of your day on the green!

What Size Golf Umbrellas Are Available?

Golfing umbrellas come in various sizes to suit each golfer’s needs. But it’s not just size that matters here. Your choice will depend on different factors that could alter why you’re choosing to use the umbrella on the green in the first place. 

The canopy-size umbrella is one of the most popular, ranging from approximately 54-68 inches in diameter, with lengths ranging between 37-43 inches. So if you’ve asked yourself whether it’s possible to play golf in the rain but wondering why a regular umbrella won’t do the trick, it’s because designers have crafted golfing umbrellas to be significantly larger. 

You might think a large umbrella could impede your game and that you’d be better off just getting a little wet. However, colds and flu can spread quicker in cold climates, so don't put your health at risk by getting drenched. That’s where the handy golfing umbrella comes in; they're large but lightweight, often weighing under 1-2 lb, depending on the size of the umbrella. 

What Size Umbrella Do I Need?

Ultimately, a golfing umbrella with a good amount of cover would be best. The general idea is that the larger the umbrella, the more substantial your umbrella should be in bad weather, such as rain, windy conditions, or abnormally hot days where shade would be very welcome. While the latter could seem excessive to some, seeking shade on hot days is crucial to avoid too much sun exposure and reduce your risk of skin cancer

However, too large isn’t always better. After all, you'll need to factor in your height and stance. That’s why umbrellas at about 56” in diameter are a safe bet: not too big or too small.

You can also pick the perfect umbrella for you by consulting an umbrella size chart, which will consider different measurements to help the decision-making process.

Why Does Golf Umbrella Size Matter?

Proper Coverage

So, how do you stay dry on the golf course? Much like walking out in the rain, if your umbrella doesn’t work correctly or cover you sufficiently, there’s no point having one. After investing in a new golfing umbrella, the last thing you need is to realize that it’s too small and getting wet. Golf umbrella sizes matter because, without proper coverage, you’ll get soaked, putting you off your game. 

Weather Conditions

It would be best to have an umbrella to protect you, whether it’s too wet, windy, or sunny. While a standard umbrella will help you while walking in the park, a small umbrella won’t help you, especially against heavy rain or wind. More often than not, you’ll see people struggling with umbrellas that have blown inside out or have broken components. 

With the best golfing umbrellas, however, you’ll have a far sturdier structure protecting you from the elements, meaning you can focus on your game and correct form. 


If your umbrella doesn’t have a big enough diameter or isn’t tall enough, that will massively affect your stance. Almost every golfer will know that having a good view before you swing (and while you swing) is crucial to hitting a shot accurately and successfully. Imagine your umbrella is too small; you’ll be hunched under it, trying to perfect your technique while not giving yourself the best chance of success. 


Ultimately, the right-sized golfing umbrella is all about giving you comfort while you play. Without one, you’ll get drenched, wiping water out of your eyes, while too much exposure to the sun on sweltering days can ruin your game. Every golfer knows the game requires skill and good concentration; if you aren’t comfortable in your surroundings, you won’t be able to deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Largest Diameter Golf Umbrella?

The larger-diameter golf umbrellas will vary depending on where you shop. Many grander golfing umbrellas could range from 60 to 65 inches, but golfing umbrellas can get as big as 70 inches. But remember, it’s essential to find a size that suits you!

Final Thoughts

Having a golfing umbrella will inevitably mean that you can play golf come rain or shine. If you don’t want a bit of rain, wind, or too much sunshine to put you off your game, invest in a golf umbrella to help you perform your best!