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Sep 17, 2021
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

What to Wear Golfing: A Guide to Golf Attire

You don't need to be a fashion icon to enjoy a good game of golf, but knowing what to wear can significantly improve your game. How? By regulating your temperature and keeping you agile. Not only that, but every golf course has a dress code.

Knowing what to wear for golfing can feel daunting, especially if you’re a new player. In this guide, we'll take you through some essential items of clothing for men and women to wear on the course. You'll know exactly how to find the best fit for your game by the end. Let's get into it!

Men's Golf Attire 

Every golf course has a particular dress code. Some institutions have written rules for what to wear, while others follow an unspoken but generally understood standard. If you're finding it tricky to build your ideal golfing wardrobe, we've listed some staples to show you where to start. 

A Trusty Cap

Hats have been a part of the golfing uniform for many years. It all started with the flat cap, first popularized in the late nineteenth century. 

These days, the style has expanded to baseball caps and bucket hats of all varieties. Our favorite has always remained the cap. It's a classic look and shields your eyes from the sun while you line up the perfect shot.

The Classic Polo

For decades, a polo shirt has been the quintessential golfer’s shirt, and with good reason! They're sleek, sharp, and, most importantly, comfortable in most weather. 

Thicker than a t-shirt without feeling restrictive, it's like they were made for the course. Not to mention the sheer variety out there already. Available in all shades and designs, you can't go wrong with a polo, or a bundle of them, for that matter!

Think Outerwear

People assume golfers play in the summer exclusively, but a survey of 3500 golfers found that most players keep playing even when it rains. If you're an all-year-round kind of player, a polo alone isn't going to cut it. 

Gilets, fleeces, and water-resistant jackets are all popular choices. The key to the perfect golf jacket is ensuring your arms aren't restricted. You also don't want to wear something too thick and risk overheating. 


Jeans are a no-go and banned entirely at most golf clubs! Chinos and khakis are usually the most popular, with plenty of variety available. 

You should prioritize comfort and flexibility when looking for golfing pants, as you’ll be walking and bending your knees a lot.


Traditionally, golfers played wearing spiked shoes, but they must be of a particular type. Most courses don’t allow metal spikes, asking players to wear soft spikes or spikeless shoes instead. The spikes help grip the slippery grass, but metal types can ruin the course. 

Women's Golf Attire

The dress code is slightly different for women, but you still need to prioritize comfort and flexibility over anything else. 

Skirts, Shorts, Dresses

A trendy choice for many women on the golf course is a selection of skirts, shorts, or dresses. It isn't difficult to understand why—they offer maximum flexibility and can also be highly flattering.

Your main priority should be comfort. Clothing that lets you move freely is the best choice. Skirts and dresses provide this perfectly, but shorts can also prove highly effective, especially in warmer weather!

Try Sleeveless

Men can't wear sleeveless shirts on the course, but it's a different story for women. Sleeveless shirts let you get complete flexibility for your swing. 

You will notice that many women's golfing clothes tend to be quite form-fitting. The fit is to prevent the excess fabric from getting in your way, but make sure the clothes are comfortable. If they cling or restrict too much, you'll get overheated or mess up your shot. 

Comfortable Trousers

Wearing denim on the course is a no-go for women and men. If you aren't a fan of skirts, shorts, or dresses, then a comfortable pair of chinos, khakis, or cargos could be a perfect choice. 

You should prioritize comfort and maneuverability. After all, golf is a physical sport, whether you're traveling the course or making the perfect swing.

Something like the Multi-use Traveler Bag is a perfect addition to your golfing trouser. Its lightweight and durable construction ensures that you'll be able to move easily and comfortably, while the torsion bar provides extra protection for your clubs. And with its ability to switch from a roller duffle to a golf travel bag with a single zipper, you'll never be without the perfect bag for your next golf trip. Make the most of your game with the Multi-use Traveler Bag from StitchGolf.


Many women will wear spiked tennis shoes when golfing because it allows mobility and grip. The shoes you shop for should be athletic, flexible, and above all else, comfortable. 

We understand the desire to feel confident on the course, but that isn’t as important as protecting your feet! Golf players walk an average of 6.6 miles during an 18-hole game, so you need shoes to support you properly. Opt for a flexible, breathable pair with good arch support.

What Should You Not Wear When Golfing?

A highly common faux pas for golf attire is wearing too many bright, bold colors. Don't get us wrong, showing a little personality isn't a crime, but most golfers will usually reserve that for slogans on their hats. 

Besides gaudy styles, avoid jeans, spiked metal shoes, tank tops, and any overly casual or sloppy clothing. 

Golfing attire is often sleek and understated. Beige, navy, grey, and black are popular colors on the course. The business-casual style lets you blend in on the course and in the club after finishing your round.

The biggest golf apparel mistake, however, is to wear something uncomfortable. Ill-fitting clothes can hamper your swing, restrict movement, or get in the way of a shot if it’s too loose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Wear Golfing for the First Time?

A good outfit for a first-time golfer is something comfortable that sticks to the dress code. We recommend comfortable trousers/shorts and a simple polo if you don't have golf-specific attire. 

Do You Need to wear Golf Clothes to a Driving Range?

No. Driving ranges are generally just for fun or practice. There isn't a dress code, so you can wear whatever you want to without fear of judgment. Just make sure you don't wear anything restrictive, as you'll still be swinging!

Do You Have to Wear a Collared Shirt for Golf?

Although the classic polo shirt is a popular choice, it isn't mandatory. T-shirts, sleeveless tops (for women), and even knitwear are perfectly acceptable. Wear what works for you!

Can You Wear Shorts for Golf?

Golfing shorts are a very popular choice. Just make sure they are appropriate. A general rule is that the hem of your shorts should reach your fingertips. Chino or cargo shorts are often the most popular.


Now you're fully prepared to hit the course in style and comfort. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure you feel comfortable. Looking the part is one thing, but feeling your best is far more important. 

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