Oct 24, 2023
POSTED BY: Nicholas Venditti

Why Wear a Golf Glove?

If you've ever spent time near a golf course you'll know that it's highly common for golfers to wear a glove. What you might not know is why they do this and the impact it can have on how you play. You're in the right place for answers, because in this short guide, we're going to take you through everything you need to know about the classic golfing glove. Ready?

Why Do Golfers Wear Only One Glove?

Although many golfers wear two gloves while playing, most will only ever wear one. While this might seem odd, the reason is simple. When you play golf, your non-dominant hand is responsible for keeping a firm hold of the club while your dominant hand guides your shot. Therefore, only your non-dominant hand needs support, since it's doing most of the physical work. 

Outside of practicality, it's also been suggested that the trend of only wearing one glove started because players would use the ungloved hand to smoke or drink. Wearing no glove meant they could quickly dry off their hand without tarnishing the glove itself. Whether it's to improve your game or simply tradition, wearing a single glove is a habit that's stuck. 

What are The Benefits of Wearing a Golf Glove?

Provides Superior Grip and Control

A lot of skill relies on control over where the ball is heading and how much power you put behind it. Without a golfing glove, you might find it difficult to achieve that all-important accuracy. Golf gloves improve your grip on the club itself, granting you greater control over how you land the ball. 

Reduces the Risk of Blisters

Blisters and callouses can ruin a game of golf faster than anything else. Without the protective barrier of a glove, the friction from gripping your club can quickly cause painful wear and tear. Gloves minimize all of this, allowing you to play for longer. They can also help reduce hand moisture, further improving your comfort. 

Minimizes Hand Fatigue for Extended Play

Lastly, wearing a golf glove can help to minimize inconvenient hand fatigue. Some players grip their clubs more tightly than others, and some don't even realize they're over-exerting themselves when making a shot. However, the pain of hand cramps is no joke and can put a serious stop to your game. Since gloves improve your grip, you won't need to hold your club as tightly to ensure accuracy. 

What Hand Should I Wear a Golf Glove On?

You should wear your glove on your non-dominant hand, so if you are right-handed you would wear your glove on your left hand and vice-versa. 

Should I Wear a Golf Glove for All Shots?

This is largely down to personal preference. Some golfers wear gloves for every single shot they take. Others only wear them for more important or difficult shots. It ultimately comes down to how you prefer to play the game and how much benefit you derive from wearing a glove. 

Generally speaking, most golfers don't wear gloves when chipping and putting or for any shot involving a wedge. However, again, this comes down to personal preference on the green. 

Buying Golf Gloves: What to Look Out For


Golf gloves come in an enormous variety, and this doesn't just include different styles, it also applies to material. Some are more breathable than others, while some focus on prioritizing grip. All gloves have their own particular strengths based on the material they're constructed from, and it's vitally important you know where you need the most support to make the right purchase.


This is arguably the most important of all. Any benefit you can expect from wearing a golf glove will be entirely obsolete if it doesn't fit correctly. Loose gloves will potentially cause worse blisters than wearing no glove at all, and tight gloves will just be painful. Always try on a glove before purchasing to make sure it fits correctly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Use My Golf Glove?

Whenever you want to! Some players wear their glove for every shot, while others reserve it for particular shots. It's completely up to you.

Why Do Men Wear Golf Gloves?

It helps to reduce hand fatigue, the possibility of blisters, and can improve your grip and control. 

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